‘The Dark Tower’ commits the unforgivable sin of being boring


The Dark Tower isn’t really a movie for people who’ve never read Stephen King’s Dark Tower books. It hardly bothers to serve up any exposition, so newbies are thrown right into the deep end of its convoluted mythology. 

But it’s probably not for people who have read the books, either. The movie version is disappointingly lacking in the magic of King’s novels. (The metaphorical, literary kind of magic, I mean – there’s still plenty of magic in the plot, which the characters talk about constantly.) 

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It’s a shame, because The Dark Tower sounds so intriguingly wild on paper. The source material is King’s sprawling magnum opus, and while the movie necessarily narrows its focus to a few key characters and conflicts, we’re still left with demons and monsters and portals that transport our characters into other worlds.  Read more…

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