The best (and worst) summer hits of the past decade


Songs of the summer — you know them, you love them, and according to some, they’re an entire musical genre that is in danger of melting away like sweet sugar syrup on a popsicle. 

It is true that it used to be a lot easier to judge which mega hit dominated the airwaves during the heatwaves. How do we measure the success of a single that you can’t escape during the summer months now? Billboard charts? Spotify streams? Music video hits? Inspired memes

We’re taking a look back at the last decade of sizzling summer smashes, bops, and jams to give you unequivocally the best of the best. Our criteria will be a mix of cultural impact, and listenability while you road trip with the top down, put some dogs on the backyard grill, or chill by the pool.  Read more…

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