The 3 jokes Conan O’Brien will have to defend in court (and 2 he won’t)


Winning a copyright infringement case is no joke.

The odds against proving allegations of joke-stealing are longer than a Judd Apatow film, but that hasn’t deterred one late-night comedy writer whose case against Conan O’Brien has won the rare privilege of its day in court. 

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A federal judge in California ruled this week that the 2015 lawsuit by Alex Kaseberg will go before a jury, trial date TBD. Kaseberg — who’s never been staff but says he’s sold hundreds of jokes to Jay Leno over 20 years — cites five times between December 2, 2014 and June 9, 2015, when he posted a joke on his Twitter feed or blog that showed up later that night on the Late Night With Conan O’Brien monologue. Read more…

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