Take a bite out of summer with these corn-inspired sex toys


It’s peak corn season, friends. And what better to celebrate your favorite cobbed vegetable than by eating getting down and dirty with it?

Yes, it’s all fine and dandy to gnaw on the real thing, but why confine yourself when there is such a lovely array of corn-inspired sex toys? Now, thanks to these ripe and ready gadgets, you can give a whole new meaning to shucking. 

LeLe Sex Corn-Shaped Silicone Dildo

Image: amazon

This is basically a corn on the cob with a nice little penis hat. It comes in a large size (10 inches; $24) or small (8 inches; $19), depending on how large of an appetite you have. It’s also got a powerful suction base (so your corn doesn’t go flying across the room!), and the product’s description promises that it’s “amazing corn particles strongly stimulate pleasure hot spots.” Dig in.  Read more…

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