Sudden realization: The only way to play video games is with 16 4K monitors


Playing games in 4K is already pretty awesome, but playing games in 16K is a whole other world of awesome.

The YouTube channel Linus Tech Tips managed to rig up a 16K-resolution setup using a super-beefy computer and 16 4K-resolution monitors. The team tested it out on Minecraft, Tomb Raider, and Civilzation VI among other games. Some of the games ran great, but some games had a tough time loading quick enough to keep up with the insane graphics.

Minecraft and Civilization looked like they ran pretty well (except for the tiny HUD on Civ), so the tens of thousands of dollars you’d have to spend to replicate this setup is totally worth it, probably. Just don’t sit too close to the screens. Read more…

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