Steve Carell’s response to his new ‘silver fox’ reputation is classic Steve Carell


Everyone knows Steve Carell is funny, but some people are only just noticing something else about him: the guy is a total heartthrob.

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Just look at him here, casually rocking his new grey hair and sunglasses:

ayyyyyyeeeeee! 2017 Steve Carell out here killin’ the game on all y’all. js

— Erin Konomos (@Erin_Konomos) June 23, 2017

Judging by the amount of tweets recent photos of Carell have prompted, though, more and more people are starting to take note.

Honestly take your Goslings and your Zayns Malik and give me 2017 Steve Carell

— Chloe Gilke (@GilkeAsCharged) June 21, 2017 Read more…

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