Stay put while exploring the White House holiday decorations on Google Maps

First lady Jill Biden shared a socially distanced way to celebrate the holiday season without missing out on the festive sights. 

In a tweet Friday, Dr. Biden linked to a 360-degree Google Maps view of inside the White House.

The First Lady traditionally decorates the presidential home during the holidays. Melania Trump infamously took the winter vibes to a new level (remember the blood trees?). In 2021 — the Bidens’ first December in the White House —  Dr. Biden went for a more traditional look. Her theme is “gifts from the heart.”

If you click through Dr. Biden’s tweet you’ll get to the Maps landing page, where you can then click “View Street View images.” From there you can roam the halls decked in brightly lit Christmas lights with plenty of snow-dusted Christmas trees to go around. 

A Google Maps view of the Christmas trees lining the hall.

So many Christmas trees.
Credit: Screenshot: Google Maps

Thank you cards at the base of a White House Christmas tree.

Thank you!
Credit: Screenshot: Google Maps

Look up and notice the snowflakes projected onto the ceiling. One Christmas tree has giant “Thank you” cards at the base to recognize frontline workers during the ongoing pandemic.

The East Wing is on full display and you can click around into the different rooms and literally look in every single direction (you won’t make it up the staircase, I tried). The 360-degree tour is also available on the Google Maps app for mobile viewing.

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