Stanning Baby Yoda, star of ‘The Mandalorian,’ is a singular mood

There are two basic genres of Baby Yoda tweets at the moment, but everyone’s a fan.

If you’ve existed on social media since the Nov. 12 launch of Disney+, then you’ve seen The Mandalorian‘s most precious little spoiler pop up at some point. The Baby Yoda tweets are everywhere.

A bunch of them riff on Adult Yoda’s penchant for dispensing wisdom in his unusual syntax. We’ll call this the “What if Yoda advice, but baby” genre. Most come from the latest must-follow joke account.

Hug me you

— Baby Yoda (@BabyYodaBaby) November 17, 2019

Nap I must

— Baby Yoda (@BabyYodaBaby) November 17, 2019 Read more…

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