Smell like cheesy pizza with these novelty bath salts


You can now literally immerse yourself in the scent of your favourite food — in a bath. 

A novelty retail chain in Japan is offering Japanese food-themed bath salts that are designed to make you feel and look like you’re bathing in your favourite food or drink.

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The chain, Village Vanguard, is offering flavours like cheesy pizza, Japanese gyoza potstickers, beer, and even yakiniku grilled meat so you can smell like them after you’ve come out of a bath.

It’s also offering flavours like cilantro and edamame soybeans. Yes, cilantro.

We're not sure if you'll smell like soap after bathing in cilantro, but it's worth a shot.

We’re not sure if you’ll smell like soap after bathing in cilantro, but it’s worth a shot.

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