Serena Williams swears Venus didn’t reveal the gender of her baby with Alexis Ohanion


Tennis legend Serena Williams and Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian do not know the gender of their baby, thank you very much. 

But if you read very, very deeply into comments recently made by Serena’s sister Venus, you’d think otherwise.

Hmmmmm. Lets examine the evidence. 

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In a recent TV interview with Eurosport, Venus discussed her sister’s future kid, then said this: “She’s going to call me Favorite Aunt.”

Wait a minute. “She”?!?! That would appear to be some news. 

But Serena swears Venus didn’t spill the beans about the power couple’s child-to-be. In fact, Serena says she doesn’t know the baby’s gender, according to a missive she posted to Twitter on Thursday.  Read more…

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