Security experts warn that ‘high tech’ voting and elections don’t mix

Security experts warn that 'high tech' voting and elections don't mix

When it comes to securing the vote, officials keep pushing for the latest and supposedly greatest in election technology. According to cryptography experts at the annual RSA conference in San Francisco, that approach might just do more harm than good. 

In fact, one warned, when it comes to elections, depending on technology can be “dangerous.” Thankfully, ahead of the 2020 U.S. presidential election, we already have a good (if not perfect) toolset to secure the vote — we just have to choose to use it.  

Speaking to a crowd of security industry professionals in the main hall of San Francisco’s Moscone Center Tuesday morning, RSA Data Security founder and current MIT professor Ronald Rivest criticized voting tech like the now infamous Iowa Caucus app.  Read more…

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