RIP MacBook, Apple’s ultimate lightweight workhorse


My 12-inch MacBook was stolen from my car last week, a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it smash-and-grab. Materially, the loss shouldn’t much matter — no one died, it was insured, it’s just a laptop, everything’s in the cloud anyway — but emotionally, it was a wrench. Over the last two years, I had grown to love that little rose gold beauty, my 2-pound tote-anywhere workhorse. It was almost as light as my iPad Pro in its case, but charged much faster (thanks, USB C!) and could do so much more. 

And now, just as I am removing the black armband and allowing myself to think about a replacement, here comes Apple to twist the knife. As of Tuesday, the 12-inch MacBook is no more. Indeed, the simple moniker of “MacBook” is no more.  Read more…

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