Rihanna was the MVP of Game 1 of the NBA Finals


Noted LeBron James stan Rihanna brought her A-game to Game 1 of the NBA Finals, even as her hero’s team fell short. 

As the Cleveland Cavaliers faced off against the Golden State Warriors, the singer sat court-side heckling Kevin Durant, bowing to James and dabbing at anyone who dare question her. 

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It was a delight.

Listen: Rihanna yells “BRIIIIIICK!!!” at Durant during free throw, he stares her down twice ? (h/t @tshent) pic.twitter.com/XYdFOv9mc3

— Rob Perez (@World_Wide_Wob) June 2, 2017

Durant vs. Rihanna is the main event. KD drills 3 and stares her down into oblivion ?? pic.twitter.com/NS3TfvINmE

— Rob Perez (@World_Wide_Wob) June 2, 2017 Read more…

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