Rick Sanchez’s series arc fulfilled: McDonald’s appears to be bringing back Szechuan sauce


Just in time for the debut of Rick and Morty‘s third season on July 30, it appears Rick’s series arc has been fulfilled: McDonald’s Szechuan sauce is coming back.

As revealed in a tweet by series co-creator Justin Roiland and another tweet by McDonalds, the fast food chain has created and bottled limited amounts of the sauce from 1998. 

That’s it broh. Rick did it broh. He brought the sauce back, the show’s over.

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Rick’s fascination with Szechuan sauce was unveiled in the first episode of Season 3, released on April 1. The unhinged alcoholic/world’s smartest man goes on a threatening rant to Morty, all circling back to getting Szechuan sauce. Read more…

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