PSA: ‘ER’ is now streaming for the very first time – yes, all 15 seasons of it


If you’re looking for another excuse to avoid going outside, Hulu just dropped a great one right onto your screen.

The company has just brought ER to its streaming service (or any streaming service) for the first time ever – all 15 seasons of it. 

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An impressive 331 episodes of the show aired between 1994 and 2009. At about 45 minutes each, that amounts to over 10 straight days of nonstop viewing. You may never have to go outside again.

I like Hulu a lot, as we all know, but their BEST news isn’t some new show they picked up but, rather, that they SECURED THE RIGHTS TO ER. ER IS COMING, BABY. ER. AMBULANCES. SIREN NOISES! GEORGE CLOONEY! ER! #tca18

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