Managing Property Remotely With Technology

Property Management Companies Leverage Technology To Save Time

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Managing multiple properties can be an extremely complicated, especially if the property management team is out of state. The ability to manage properties within the same vicinity as one another not only takes the stress out of managing but can increase profit margins for the management companies. Often times it becomes difficult to hire out of state maintenance and management personnel because of the distance between the management office and the actual property. Some properties are large enough that they may require 6-10 maintenance personnel on the property for any given shift. Everyday items like washer and dryers, dishwashers, heaters, and air conditioning units can go out and the tenants may require the immediate attention of the managing company and/or the maintenance staff to assist with resolving. But what if some of the tools of the trade were online and automated and could be diagnosed from a distance? The technology could save management companies a ton of money over the course of a year. We reached out to CCMC in Scottsdale Arizona and found that they managed over 35 properties from Arizona to Texas. When we asked if they used technology to manage their properties the individual that answered the phone proceeded to say that “we use more technology internally to manage the clients and processes than we do for the actual maintenance and management of the property.”

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We caught up with a COX Solutions Store in Oklahoma City, OK and asked about the available automation technology for residential and commercial property. The gentlemen that answered the phone went on to say that property management companies were taking advantage of the technology and installing automated thermostats into the homes and apartments of the communities they managed. The ability to adjust temperature remotely allows maintenance crews to maintain temperature in vacant properties without having to visit the location. These remote automation tools also allow property managers to control and automate the following technologies.


COX Home Life Automation Tools:

• Surveillance Cameras

• Door and Window Locks

• Alarms

• Lights

• And Temperature

Property Managers Are Embracing The Technology

It seems that there are more property management teams across the country embracing this technology. We caught up with the property management team at and they seemed to be embracing the technology for maintenance use much more than the Arizona management company we had contacted. It seems that the majority of their properties already had some sort of automation feature in place so that maintenance could monitor properties remotely. This has saved them a ton of money, instead of having 6-10 maintenance staff on site, they can manage with 5. The head maintenance manager is able to monitor the properties through a customized CMS that allows him to respond to maintenance requests remotely. Once the issue is identified then they will dispatch a crew member to fix the issue, but only once it’s identified. This automation saves time and money.


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