Pornhub reveals the top typos people make when, um, typing with one hand


Donald Trump got a lot of attention for his “covfefe” snafu, but he’s not the only one with, uh, slippery fingers…

In the wake of Wednesday’s typo heard ’round the world, Pornhub took a look at which terms were most commonly misspelled by their users when searching for videos, and the results are hilarious. 

They broke it out state by state, and it turns out even something as basic as the word “porn” is tripping people up. 

Image: pornhub

It’s easy enough to see how some of these mixups happen, especially if people are busy using one hand for, shall we say, other things? But nevertheless it is interesting to see just how many different ways there are to misspell “lesbian” and “hentai.” (Also, the midwest: unexpectedly into hentai.)  Read more…

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