Painfully cool ‘Sonic Mania’ trailer dares you to believe Sonic can be good again


Can Sonic the Hedgehog ever bounce back after so many disappointments, dating all the way back to 1998’s Sonic Adventure?

No one knows for sure, but Sega makes a strong case for Sonic Mania with this nifty, new trailer. There’s a release date now — Aug. 15, 2017 — but there’s also a bunch of great pencil-drawn animations to stare at.

Mania is a 2D Sonic adventure and it’s actually the first of two 2017 games starring the speedy rodent. Coming later in the year — probably during the fall/winter months — is Sonic Forces, a 2D/3D hybrid game that — in an unexpected twist — incorporates Sonic Original Characters. Read more…

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