Don’t read too much into Demi Lovato’s absence from Manchester benefit concert


Demi Lovato isn’t performing at Ariana Grande’s One Love Manchester benefit concert on Sunday and her fans want to know why.

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But it’s not a very juicy reason, as the singer confirmed when a fan asked about the lineup.

.@ArianaGrande Why will not Demi (@ddlovato) participate? She sent beautiful messages of support.

A post shared by hello everyone (@whitivato) on

Lovato said it best in the first comment on an Instagram post asking why Lovato wasn’t on the lineup, “Cause I wasn’t asked.” Read more…

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The internet memes the crap out of the ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ trailer


If you put bad music in your movie trailer, the internet will fix it for you.

The trailer for Murder on the Orient Express dropped Thursday, and while it was well received, any magical moment was ruined by the song “Believer” by Imagine Dragons. The song got the highly important role of the trailer’s outro, and it’s just so, so bad.

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The trailer quickly hit number 1 trending on YouTube and hit the frontpage of Reddit via the subreddit r/Movies. As you probably guessed, one of the top comments on the post on Reddit was someone bashing the music. Redditor st3v3n took it a step further, basically asking the internet to meme the video, and meme they did. Read more…

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Tim Cook: ‘Climate change is real and we all share a responsibility to fight it’


Apple CEO Tim Cook is the latest tech executive to fire back at Donald Trump for pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement.

In a letter to employees obtained by Mashable, Apple’s top executive expressed his “disappointment” with the decision and said he tried, unsuccessfully, to talk the president out of it earlier in the week.

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“I spoke with President Trump on Tuesday and tried to persuade him to keep the U.S. in the agreement. But it wasn’t enough,” Cook wrote.

Like other business leaders, Cook promised Apple would continue to invest in renewable energy and other initiatives aimed at reducing the environmental footprint of the electronics giant. Apple has previously pledged to clean up its supply chain and said it intends to stop mining rare earth metals — commitments Cook also reiterated in his letter. Read more…

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Badass expertly catches a fish with his bare hands


No fishing pole? No problem.

While fishing can be an expensive hobby that can cost thousands with fancy new equipment, this man demonstrates that all you need to catch bass in this body of water is a little bit of bait and your bare hands.

Watch out, everyone. We’ve got a badass over here.  Read more…

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8 things Trump said about the Paris Climate Agreement that are total BS


President Trump spoke at length on Thursday about his decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement. 

But much of what he said doesn’t hold water. In fact, it seemed at times that his speech was straight out of a criticism of a 1997 climate agreement the U.S. also joined but then withdrew from: the Kyoto Protocol. 

From the legal aspects of the treaty itself, to the effects on U.S. jobs and economic growth, Trump’s address was, as one former U.N. official put it, “factually sooo incorrect.” 

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7 million people have downloaded that ridiculous ‘Fidget Spinner’ app


Yes, the only thing more inane than an actual fidget spinner is an app version of a fidget spinner.

Still, ridiculous as they are, the apps are — inexplicably — nearly as popular as the toys themselves. Seriously.

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Of all the “fidget spinner” apps — and there are hundreds — the most popular by far is this app from Ketchapp simply called “Fidget Spinner.” The app, which hit the Ap Store May 16, has already racked up more than 7 million downloads across Apple’s App Store and Google Play, according to statistics from app analytics firm Sensor Tower.  Read more…

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In cruel twist, Netflix cancels the diverse ‘Sense8’ during Pride Month


Netflix canceled Sense8 after two seasons, the streaming service announced Thursday.

It was a bitter blow to fans of the diverse show, especially on the first day of LGBT Pride Month.

Created by The Matrix masterminds Lana and Lilly Wachowski, Sense8 won praise for its diversity and inclusivity both on screen and behind the scenes, which made the cancellation especially hard for fans to swallow — and they made their disappointment known on Twitter.

The most gender, sexuality, race, religion, mental health inclusive show quite possibly ever, and you bloody cancel it. Why @netflix #Sense8

— katieroo (@allouratoms) June 1, 2017 Read more…

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The NBA is a cold business, a story in 2 tweets


Early Wednesday morning, the Sacramento Kings took to Twitter to wish forward Anthony Tolliver a very happy birthday. So sweet. So nice. It just warms your heart doesn’t it? 

RT to wish @ATolliver44 a happy birthday!

— Sacramento Kings (@SacramentoKings) June 1, 2017

Then, a few hours later … 

The Sacramento Kings have waived Anthony Tolliver, league sources tell @TheVertical.

— Adrian Wojnarowski (@WojVerticalNBA) June 1, 2017

Womp womp. 

But hey man — it’s a business. 

Tolliver averaged 7 points and 4 rebounds for Sacramento in his one-season stint as a King.  Read more…

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Jim Carrey defends Kathy Griffin, says comedians are ‘last voice of truth’


Kathy Griffin has been under fire (and fired) for posting a bloody, severed Donald Trump-like head as part of a photoshoot earlier this week. But amid all the backlash from conservatives and liberals alike, she just got her first public backing from a fellow comedian.

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Jim Carrey defended the outspoken comedian Thursday — and he’s pretty much the only celebrity standing up for Griffin’s gruesome photo of the president. Griffin had originally defended the work calling it art, but then apologized and said she was wrong. She hasn’t posted anything since that Twitter apology. Read more…

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Want a visa? The Trump administration wants to creep on your profiles.


Those seeking a visa to enter the United States will now have to air out their dirty social media laundry, which could bring the approval process to an agonizingly slow pace.  

The Trump administration recently released a lengthy new questionnaire for visa applicants that goes above and beyond all previous such measures, according to a Reuters report. After a contentious public comment period, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) approved the expansive questionnaire on May 23. 

Among the new fields is a section dedicated solely to social media, in which applicants are asked to provide their “unique user name” for any online service used to “create or share content” over the past five years.    Read more…

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