Martha Stewart, a great content creator, disses Trump’s very bad Twitter


Celebrated lifestyle blogger Martha Stewart knows a thing or two about being consistently delightful, and she was kind enough to offer a few tips to someone who does not — the president.

 “[Twitter]’s used by the president so strangely,” she told Buzzfeed. “I don’t think it’s a tool for that kind of information. It was so good for news breaking and for, again, taking the temperature of a conundrum or a challenge or something. I still use it for that.”

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Trump’s version of “taking the temperature” is recapping Fox News and broadcasting his own temper tantrums, which Stewart finds incredibly unbecoming. She previously made her feelings towards Trump known on her Instagram account, which has gotten a lot better since her days of posting poorly lit food photos.  Read more…

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Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson says running for president is a ‘real possibility’


Watch out Kanye West—you might be facing Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in 2010. 

The former wrestler opened up about being the world’s highest paid actor in the latest issue of GQ, and when asked about any political ambitions, he managed to offer up a glimmer of hope for his fans across the country. 

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Everyone from Michael Moore to Washington Post has brought up The Rock running for president of the United States, and in conversation with Caity Weaver for the magazine, he discussed how those conversations have impacted his thoughts about a future campaign.  Read more…

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Brave man dives onto 1,000 mousetraps so we can see it in slow motion


The Slow Mo Guys threw themselves into potential bodily harm with their newest video, where they explored what 1,000 mousetraps going off would look like in slow motion.

To do this, Gavin and Daniel first had to set up the mousetraps, a task much harder than it sounds (it took four hours). Once that was done, Daniel then dove right into the middle of the mousetrap-covered trampoline.

The slow mo results look epic and very painful. Read more…

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Cortana will soon have a lot more skills to show off


Microsoft is finally ready to open its assistant up to developers. 

The Cortana Skills Kit, which allows developers to integrate their services with the assistant, is now in public preview, Microsoft announced. The news comes just days after Harman Kardon unveiled the Invoke, its Cortana-powered speaker.

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Microsoft first teased the Cortana Skills Kit when it announced the speaker late last year, but hadn’t made it widely available to developers. 

Just like Alexa Skills for Amazon’s Echo, the Cortana Skills Kit lets developers build integrations so users can interact with their services via Cortana commands. Cortana Skills will be available on Cortana across all its platforms — desktop, mobile apps, Xbox — as well as the upcoming Invoke speaker. Read more…

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Facebook empowers Page owners to politicize their posts


Facebook users may see more posts nudging them to contact lawmakers.

A recent update to the social network lets Page owners create individual posts that include a button for Facebook users to contact their local representatives. 

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The feature is available as an icon on the post to Page owners within certain categories, including non-profits and media organizations. Props to Ziad Ramley for noticing this:

Facebook now gives you the option to make posts even more political

— Ziad Ramley (@ziadramley) May 10, 2017 Read more…

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‘Rob & Big’ star mourns Big’s death: ‘My heart is broken’


Rob & Big star Rob Dyrdek was absolutely crushed upon learning his former body guard, friend and co-star, Rob Christopher “Big Black” Boykin had died.

On Tuesday, Dyrdek addressed his loss on his Twitter account by sharing some touching personal memories of Boykin, 45, who People confirmed died earlier this morning after suffering a heart attack.

The skateboarder and TV star began by declaring, “My heart is broken,” and shared a photograph of he and Boykin enjoying some quality time on a large swing.

My heart is broken. I don’t want write this post. I don’t want to believe that this is reality. I am so thankful for

— Rob Dyrdek (@robdyrdek) May 10, 2017 Read more…

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Microsoft’s Emma Watch is a game-changer for people with Parkinson’s


Smartwatches may not be as hot as they used to be, but that doesn’t mean wrist-worn wearables are dead altogether.

Far from it, actually. Take the Emma Watch, a wrist wearable created by Microsoft Research Innovation Director Haiyan Zhang that’s designed to help reduce the hand tremors people diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease suffer from.

With the Emma Watch, Zhang was able to help graphic designer Emma Lawton, who has Parkinson’s, write and sketch again. 

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It’s this mission to use technology to empower the human condition that is at the heart of everything Microsoft does, CEO Satya Nadella said at this year’s Build developers conference. Read more…

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Let’s just take a minute to digest all the bizarre events of the past day


Sometimes the world throws a thing at its inhabitants that requires everyone to blink a few times to reset their brains around their new collective reality.

Approaching 6 p.m. on Tuesday, we got one of those moments.

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President Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey around that time, amid an FBI investigation into the Trump campaign’s potential connections to the Russian government. It’s a moment in which the United States’s separation of powers and the integrity of its institutions will be tested, and enough weird shit happened in the next hours that you’d be forgiven for believing we lived in a simulation that was struggling to work out a glitch. We listed some of those odd things, below.  Read more…

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Björk wants you to stop Instagramming and go to the forest


If Björk sings in the forest and no one’s there to Instagram it, well, everything’s going great. 

The legendary musician outlined a pretty simple tweak she’d like see in human behavior to Pitchfork and suggested occasionally taking a breather to check out some trees and “do shit” instead of scrolling through Facebook. 

“Maybe there are a lot of kids now who don’t know how to walk in a forest and do basic outdoorsy things. You can be on Facebook for a long time, and then you get a feeling in your body like you’ve had three hamburgers. You know it’s trash,” she says. “I always advise my friends: just go for a walk for an hour and come back and see how you feel then. I think we’re meant to be outdoors.” Read more…

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