Here’s why you should always be honest with your friends


Whether you’ve ever had lipstick on your teeth or get caught with toilet paper on your shoe, this comic captures those feels when your friends let you down, but a complete stranger has your back.

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Image: andrea mcneil

Image: andrea mcneil

Image: andrea mcneil

Image: andrea mcneil

Image: andrea mcneil

Be a true friend, people.

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After ‘To the Bone’: How Hollywood should change its portrayal of eating disorders


Netflix’s new film To the Bone tells two stories. 

The first one, about the central character’s near-fatal struggle with anorexia, is what the filmmaker intended to share with her audience. 

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The second story is about the missed opportunities, omissions, and tropes that remind a skeptical viewer just how much Hollywood needs to rethink the way it portrays eating disorders in film and television. 

That might seem like a harsh judgment of To the Bone, a semi-autobiographical account from TV veteran Marti Noxon, the film’s writer and director. For years, she pitched the idea to producers and heard the subject matter was too niche for a broad audience. She labored to bring the film to life with good intentions, and her efforts have sparked a high-profile conversation about eating disorders.  Read more…

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This plasma beam lighter can start a fire without a flame


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If you’re going out into the wilderness for any significant amount of time—whether you’re tent camping or cabin glamping—you’re going to want to have a more reliable source of fire than your old Zippo. After all, even the cushiest camping trips can get rugged real fast, and it never hurts to be as prepared as possible. 

Replace your current lighter with the Saberlight Plasma Beam Lighter and you’ll have a contingency against inclement weather and low lighter fluid reserves. Plus, you’ll have a remarkably slick lighter that will blow your fellow campers’ moisture-wicking socks off. Read more…

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Trump hires a man with the most magnificent mustache to defend him against Russia accusations


I dare say, I won’t stand for all of you besmirching my client, Mr. Trump.

To get to him, you’ll have to get through me and my magnificent mustache. My name is Ty Cobb and winning runs in my veins. I’m a high-powered lawyer who represented people in the Clinton administration, and I’m a distant relative of The Georgia Peach himself, Ty Cobb, the baseball player. 

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It’s unconscionable that you would accuse my client, Donald J. Trump, and his associates of inappropriate contact with the Russians just because of evidence. Why, I’d challenge you to a duel, but I’m enjoying a tasty mint julep on a riverboat. Read more…

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Roborace showed off its electric, self-driving race car in the middle of Times Square


The robotic racing series Roborace is still somewhat of a pipe dream that aims to become the “world’s first self-driving racing series.” On Friday, we got our first in-person look at the 200-mph vehicle that will eventually race itself around the track: the Robocar.

The sleek, brightly colored racer was plopped down in New York City’s Times Square, attracting the attention of NYC locals and tourists who just didn’t know what to make of the thing. Its creators believe those questions will soon be answered, adding to the larger conversation about autonomous driving development.

The race car, which doesn’t need a human driver, will continue its U.S. debut at Formula E’s New York City ePrix event this weekend. When the concept was first introduced back in 2015, the plan was to hold self-driving races before each Formula E event. While the Roborace cars aren’t ready for that just yet, the company will be showing off its autonomous systems in two on track demos this weekend using the company’s prototype DevBot cars. The Robocar, for now, is just for show.  Read more…

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Brutal video shows exactly why orcas are called killer whales

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Listen to this synth version of the ‘Game of Thrones’ theme while you wait for the premiere


Musician GLASYS recently caught the attention of the one and only T-Pain with a voice manipulator video. Clearly, he’s got serious talent.

Since Game of Thrones Season 7 is premiering Sunday, GLASYS has put his talent to good use with a synthesized cover of the show’s theme.

In an alternate universe Game of Thrones is a sci-fi show and this is the opening theme song. Read more…

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John Lasseter won’t direct ‘Toy Story 4’


Toy Story 4 is making a big change behind the scenes.

John Lasseter — head of Disney animation and Pixar who helmed the first two Toy Story films — will not be steering the fourth. Instead, Toy Story 4 will be directed by Josh Cooley. (Not to be confused with Josh Dickey, who is an entertainment editor at Mashable. Hi, boss!)

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Previously, it had been announced that Lasseter and Cooley would direct the film together. But as Lasseter announced at Disney’s D23 expo on Friday, Cooley’s been promoted to directing solo. It’ll be Riley’s first feature, after he directed the short Riley’s First Date for the studio. Read more…

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‘Minecraft’ community heartbroken after the Pokémon Company shut down their favorite mod


You might’ve heard of a little game called Minecraft, and the popular craze grandparents like refer to as “your Pokemans.” Back in 2012, the mod Pixelmon combined the two, cultivating a substantial community of dedicated users, modders, Youtubers, and servers over the years.

That all came to an end when The Pokémon Company sent the development team behind the mod an official cease and desist yesterday. Shortly thereafter, lead developer MrMasochism broke the news to his team, then blogged it out to the heartbroken community at large.

“All good things come to an end eventually and now is our time,” he wrote. “I’m sorry for the disappointment this will cause but let’s remember all the great times we had playing Pixelmon, discussing Pokémon, making awesome things inside this mod and everything else that we’ve done.” Read more…

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Pixar’s next new movie will take you all the way to the magical world of … suburbia?


Pixar’s next new project is taking us all the way to the weird, wild world of … suburbia?

But wait: these aren’t just any suburbs. They’re suburbs in a magical fantasy universe where dragons fly overhead, unicorns dig through trash cans (“they’re like possums,” explains director Dan Scanlon), and mushroom houses line the streets.

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No humans exist here — it’s all elves and trolls and sprites and the like. But unlike in, say, a Lord of the Rings movie, these mushroom houses have satellite dishes poking out of their roofs and minivans parked in front.  Read more…

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