Presidential pets, ranked


For far too long, White House pets have escaped public criticism, shielded by a facade of cuteness.

It’s time to break that precedent and admit the truth: not all White House pets are created equal. Some are fluffier than others, and some just have quirkier names.

In order to determine each and every pet’s worth in this world, we present the definitive ranking of every White House pet.

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Judge for yourself, and then modify your opinions to complement our judgements. Thanks.

25. Marlon Bundo, the rabbit

At the end of a long day spent making America great again, I love watching tv with my family. My new favorite show is #ThisIsUs – what’s yours?!

A post shared by Marlon Bundo (Pence) (@marlonbundo) on Read more…

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Watch SNL’s Weekend Update break down Trump and James Comey


As they have done all season long, Michael Che and Colin Jost took turns to explain the insane news week that had the world on the edge of their seats. 

Top of mind for “Weekend Update:” to hilariously break down the he-said-he-said between President Donald Trump and former FBI Director James Comey—all while comparing Trump to Fyre festival organizer Ja Rule. 

With this episode, the Saturday Night Live season is officially over but Che and Jost are far from done with their gig. NBC’s order of at least four full “Weekend Update” episodes this summer means we’ve got a lot more jokes about the White House coming our way.  Read more…

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Watch Katy Perry and Migos’ awkward dinner party performance on SNL


It’s not quite the song of the summer, but Katy Perry’s “Bon Appetit” made it’s way to the Saturday Night Live season finale with an interesting performance that’s hard to forget. 

Perry, who began the song “spread like a buffet,” danced on a table adorned with fruit like an uncomfortable aunt at a dinner party. Thankfully, all three members of Migos came through with their flashy rings and catchy hooks and joined the singer on the stage to perform the cannibalism anthem. 

Only Katy Perry could hand Offset a papaya on live television and get away with it, I guess.  Read more…

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Vanessa Bayer bids ‘SNL’ farewell in these final hilarious sketches


Vanessa Bayer didn’t get a big send-off in her final Saturday Night Live episode. But she did star in nearly every sketch of the night.

In the sketch above, Bayer makes a splash (I’m not sorry) as a weary wife on a Jurassic Park water ride at Universal Studios. In other sketches, she played an ineloquent meteorologist and a hard-to-please woman who is finally satisfied with a diamond-encrusted Cartier fidget spinner.

Bayer joined the SNL cast in 2010 and, until last night, was the longest-serving current female cast member.

“Thank you SNL for 7 years of laughs, love and incredible memories. It has been a dream come true,” she wrote in an Instagram post on Saturday.  Read more…

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‘The Meyerowitz Stories’ is the best film Adam Sandler’s been in for a long, long time


If there’s one thing people have been talking about a lot at Cannes this year, it’s Netflix.

The distributor’s inclusion in the festival’s main competition has kicked off a huge back-and-forth debate — stoked by comments from jury members Pedro Almodovar and Will Smith — that doesn’t look like it’ll be dying down anytime soon.

Now that their two films have been shown, one thing is clear: whether you agree or disagree with them being here, Netflix has certainly brought something special to the festival.

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The Meyerowitz Stories, which was shown on Sunday, is Netflix’s second film In Competition. It’s moving, it’s funny, it’s incredibly well written, and — perhaps most memorably — it’s a reminder of just how damn good Adam Sandler can be when he’s cast in the right role. Read more…

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Tom Hanks revives David S. Pumpkins and can we have more please?


Nearly two dozen emcees appear in Saturday Night Live’s new hip-hop video, but only one is worth remembering. 

It’s David S. Pimpkins.

That’s right — as in David S. Pumpkins.

Pimpkins is the (super stereotypical) pimp alter ego of Pumpkins, the delightful Halloween boogeyman played by Tom Hanks.

Pumpkins first blessed us with his presence last fall as an exuberant, dance-happy creep in a haunted elevator ride. In the latest iteration, Hanks’ character totes firearms and dons an orange velour coat and hat. So, not exactly a work of creative genius, but still. He’s David Pumpkins, man! Read more…

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How to protect yourself when social media is harming your self-esteem


Social media can help us feel more connected to our friends, even when we’re far away. But, for many of us, the culture of of oversharing and #humblebragging can have a serious impact on our self-esteem.

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With 10 million new photographs uploaded to Facebook every hour, experts say social media is a mine of endless potential for young people to be drawn into appearance-based comparisons. Instagram has been recently ranked worst for young people’s mental health, and causes feelings of inadequacy and anxiety.  Read more…

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These smart sprinkler systems will change your lawn (and maybe your life)


There are many frontiers in the quest to add intelligence to our homes — even on the outside.

You may be blessed with a small yard, as I am. Lawns require a lot of attention, much of which I am not willing to give. I hate yard work and hate every-other-day watering most of all.   

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So, I got a sprinkler system. The system was automated in that I set a schedule via bunch of physical sliders and there was even a rain sensor outside that would shut off the system if it started to rain. But most of the time I found myself running down to my basement to set off extra watering cycles, wondering if the system ran as I wanted, or growing frustrated because it would water the morning before a day’s worth of storms were predicted or the day after soaking rains. Read more…

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‘SNL’ says goodbye to Bobby Moynihan with one more Drunk Uncle for the road


Only one SNL character could possibly be interested in Making America Drunk Again.

After nine seasons on SNL, Bobby Moynihan did his last show on Saturday, and of course Drunk Uncle stopped by “Weekend Update” to talk about Donald Trump.

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He said some stuff but … pfffffthbbllltlbt.

Moynihan took on many roles during his long SNL tenure — he was Chris Christie during the campaign — but his rambling, blubbering take on everyone’s least intelligible relative will be the one for which he’s best remembered. Read more…

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