Dude punned his way into a Tinder date by riffing on a girl’s name


Turning your Tinder match’s name into a pun has become a very popular opening line on the dating app. If you want proof, just look at exhibit A and exhibit B. 

Though not always successful, this one Reddit user shared a name pun that went pretty well for him. Reddit user microwave-oven posted a screenshot of a conversation with his match named Meaghan Tuesday, and we’re impressed. 

Now, if you are thinking, “But that’s a pretty average name…it doesn’t even sound like anything funny.” Well you are just not thinking outside the box. 

And hey, she was actually into it. 

This dude was very lucky his match’s name was not spelled, “Megan”. There’s nothing you can really do with that. Read more…

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Little Beyoncé fan lights up when she hears her queen and hates anything else


Never, ever turn off the tunes when a little Beyoncé fan is listen to their favorite jam.

You might just get an ear full of whining if you do, like one 21-month-old Beyoncé fan that can’t get enough of “Single Ladies.”

In the video, the tiny fan is not having it when any other song is played in the car, but she immediately lights up when “Single Ladies” comes back on. But that’s because that’s what Beyoncé fans are supposed to do! She’s a true fan for real. Read more…

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Groupon and Grubhub join forces to get you hooked on food delivery


Groupon is digging into food delivery. 

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Known for offering discounts at restaurants and yoga studios, the company is partnering with food delivery app Grubhub. 

Groupon customers will now be able to order food from 55,000 restaurants available on Grubhub — but through Groupon’s website and app. 

The partnership also opens up the potential for customers to redeem Groupon deals while ordering Grubhub deliveries.

Groupon already has its “Groupon To Go” delivery service, which will now put Grubhub at the helm. Grubhub is also acquiring 27 of Groupon’s OrderUp food delivery markets. The Baltimore Sun reported the partnership led to 70 layoffs at OrderUp, a Grubhub-like business which Groupon bought in 2015. Read more…

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Hilarious optical illusion makes groom look like a centaur


People spend countless hours and thousands of dollars to make sure their outfit for their wedding is perfect. But no matter how much money you spend, sometimes things don’t go as planned.

Redditor Lasabian shared a photo of his wedding day on Tuesday which shows him dancing with his new wife as some guests admire the couple. Everything looks normal at first, but take a close look at Lasabian’s legs.

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The man’s pants and shoes get lost in his bride’s fit-and-flare dress, making it appear as if the groom has some very tapered legs — and hooves instead of feet.  Read more…

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Ancient fidget spinner confirms there’s really nothing new under the sun


Old trends always have a way of popping back up, don’t they?

Wired editor, Arielle Pardes, left Twitter shook on Monday after posting a very revealing photo of how far we have come as a society. Spoiler: we haven’t come that far.

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You know these new wacky gadgets called fidget spinners that have taken over the internet? Apparently, they have been around since roughly 2000-1800 B.C.E., as made evident by this museum display. 

Proof that there are no original ideas anymore pic.twitter.com/7zPxYha7QQ

— Arielle Pardes (@pardesoteric) July 31, 2017

Apparently, in ancient Iraq, they made a “spinning toy with animal heads” out of baked clay.  Read more…

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This airline found the perfect remedy for manspreading


Female flyers rejoice — air travel just got a little bit more bearable, thanks to one Indian airline.

Vistara, a domestic airline based out of Delhi’s airport, just launched a new service that guarantees women won’t have to take the middle seat on a crowded plane.

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It’s no secret that men are not always the most polite on public transportation. Any woman who’s ever used a transit system could surely regale you with her own “manspreading” horror story. Thankfully, Vistara is giving female travelers a way to avoid that dreaded middle seat.  Read more…

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Dude kindly made an elaborate first date PowerPoint and got blocked for it


Why text your crush the same boring date ideas when you can make them an informative presentation instead?

London Twitter user, Ben Velzian, posted screenshots of a very elaborate PowerPoint he made for a guy he was supposed to go on a date with. The deck featured three date ideas, along with pros and cons of each option. Unfortunately, his date was not charmed by the significant effort Ben put into the presentation and blocked him.

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And once you see the Powerpoint, you really won’t understand why. It’s better than most school projects.  Read more…

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Nintendo promises SNES Classic pre-orders soon, because chaos trumps order in 2017


Nintendo didn’t offer pre-orders for its NES Classic in 2016, and that’s not changing this year with the SNES Classic. But, the company promises, pre-orders are going to be a thing.

That’s the gist of Nintendo’s latest SNES Classic news, which takes the form of a Facebook post. The Walmart thing was a foul-up, but you can look forward to pre-order availability from most of the major retailers — Nintendo doesn’t name which ones — toward the end of August.

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Here, stare at Nintendo’s words and feel the anticipation…

So… uh… there you go. The thing we already knew was coming is, in fact, still coming. Even better: at an undetermined moment later this month, some lucky few will enjoy the privilege of being able to spend money in advance on the thing. Read more…

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