Who is Guo Ailun? Meet Jordan Brand’s first Chinese basketball star.


Just months after winning a big legal victory in China against a company accused of ripping off his name and logo, Michael Jordan’s iconic sneaker brand has signed its first Chinese basketball star. 

His name: Guo Ailun. 

Your probable reaction: Who?

We’ll explain.

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Jordan Brand is paying Guo $1.4 million per year to endorse its gear, according to The Vertical‘s Nick DePaula. 

Jordan Brand has signed Guo Ailun, its first ever Chinese Basketball Association endorser. Will pay the 23 year-old PG over $1.4 Mil per yrpic.twitter.com/AhFesRO11Z

— Nick DePaula (@NickDePaula) May 10, 2017 Read more…

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9 movie and TV moments that feel eerily similar to Trump firing Comey


Donald Trump’s highly suspicious Tuesday night firing of FBI Director James Comey, who just happens to have been asking for more resources to investigate the Russian ties of Trump’s campaign, has been an exhausting news story — and it just keeps going. You’d be forgiven for wanting to take a break.

At the same time, entertainment just seems so damn distracting right now. We have some Watergate-level history on our hands, and it’s going to take a lot of public outrage and constant pressure on our representatives to get the independent investigation American democracy needs.

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Trail cam catches a young deer playing like a little kid


Everybody just needs to break loose sometimes, even deer. 

A trail cam set up by photographer Pete Olsen in Ontario, Wisconsin captured an embarrassing moment for a deer in a shallow stream. Olsen has the camera set up to scope out some of the wildlife in the area, and he captured what would normally be described as graceful creatures letting loose a little.

Without much warning, a young whitetail deer rears onto its hind legs, jumps back, and slams its side right into the stream. 

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Wait for it! #fishoutofwater #whitetail #firsttimejumping #klutz #whitetaildeer #wisconsinphotographer #wisconsin #trailcamology #moultrie

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NBA star fined after social media catches him threatening fan


This much we know: Boston Celtics star Isaiah Thomas was caught threatening someone on social media; a few days later, he was fined $25,000 by the NBA for “directing inappropriate language toward a fan.”

It’s just not quite clear how related these two facts are — so bear with us as we dive in. 

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Five days ago, someone posted an Instagram video in which in definitely looks like Thomas tells a Washington Wizards fan from the bench area mid-game that “I will fuck you up and you know that.” He can then be heard telling the fan to “come right here and say it.”  Read more…

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This phone has a big red button for emergencies


Even if you’re all alone, this phone’s got your back.

The Doro 8020X — available in Europe and the UK — is your typical waterproof smartphone, except it’s a bit more robust and potentially life-saving.

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On the phone’s edge is a red button—also known as an assistance button—that sends out an alarm in the form of a text message with the user’s GPS location. This goes out to up to five emergency contact numbers pre-programmed into the phone.

It’s an ideal phone for people who find themselves alone, in remote locations or in dangerous situations for work or other reasons. It’s listed as a phone for users with an “active” lifestyle. Read more…

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‘Lego Movie’s’ Unikitty is getting an animated show and everything is awesome


This news should help you STAY POSITIVE all week: Unikitty, the optimistic (and secretly rage-filled) scene-stealer from The Lego Movie is getting her own animated series, and it’s guaranteed to be the most sparkly, joyous, magical show in the history of television! 

Or, at the very least, it’ll be adorable.

Unikitty! follows our titular heroine throughout her adventures in her kingdom, where she’s most interested in making sure everyone is happy and ridding the kingdom of negativity; but don’t misunderstand her optimism — she is one kitty not to be crossed. 

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First grader has an accidentally hilarious description of their mom


Learning to read and write is an extremely important part of kids’ early education that will affect the rest of their lives. But when they mess up, it can be downright hilarious.

Redditor desmondsdecker shared an assignment completed by their friend’s first grader on Wednesday, which asks the student to fill in answers about their mother. While some of the answers were accurate, others were pretty funny, and one was downright rude.

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“My mom is 13 years old,” the first line reads. OK, wow. That’s impossible but it’s better than saying she’s 100. Read more…

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Mark Zuckerberg’s Oculus trial transcript reveals his vision for Facebook VR


The trial that may cost Facebook $500 million in damages is over, but a transcript of Mark Zuckerberg’s comments under intense questioning on the stand has shed more light on his vision for virtual reality.

Facing tough questioning from the opposing attorney from ZeniMax (which accused Oculus of misappropriating trade secrets), Zuckerberg bobbed and weaved his way around pretty much any comment that might get him or Facebook in trouble, keeping his answers as short as possible. 

But when it came to elaborating on exactly why he dropped billions to acquire Oculus, Zuckerberg’s enthusiasm for VR repeatedly prompted him to expound in detail on the present and future of the technology at Facebook.  Read more…

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Stop worrying, everyone: Trump’s picks for FBI director are excellent


FBI Director James Comey was leading one of the most important investigations of our time when he was fired Tuesday  — but don’t worry guys, President Trump has got a plan.

President Trump has great, just terrific candidates lined up to take James Comey’s place. The lying news media has been treating Trump very, very unfairly since Tuesday. He knows the best people! The best! Unfortunately, the crooked media doesn’t want you to know that. 

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Below are all the candidates President Trump would love to see appointed FBI director. He’s not going to be easy on them. He’s going to be very, very tough.  Read more…

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Steve Harvey does NOT want anyone coming into his dressing room


Steve Harvey’s fed up with people coming into his dressing roomFed. Up. 

Honestly, don’t even try to come in. Don’t even tryYou will be removed. Don’t play. 

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Need it in writing from the man himself? Here’s an e-mail he sent to his staff Wednesday:

This email that Steve Harvey sent to his staff……https://t.co/GGsIow0Z3i pic.twitter.com/34l3SX4NEo

— Yashar (@yashar) May 10, 2017

Ahh yes, nothing says “welcome to the team!” like 14 sentences detailing how you should never, under any circumstance, approach him without making an appointment first, at the risk of physical removal.  Read more…

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