Amazon is launching its own Geek Squad competitor


Amazon is stretching its tentacles into a wide range of different industries and services. Now, the company is targeting Best Buy’s Geek Squad installation and repair service.

Recode reports that Amazon has “quietly been hiring an army of in-house gadget experts” that will soon offer free Alexa troubleshooting, in addition to product installations, inside customers homes for a small fee. 

The new service is already available in seven markets and is primarily focused on helping customers set up different smart home components. Things like controlling internet-connected lights with voice commands and answering the door from anywhere are just a few of the options that an Amazon expert can help a customer with — even if it requires visiting the home. Read more…

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Liam Gallagher goes on confusing, angry Twitter rant about his brother and U2


Liam Gallagher’s Twitter feed is a confusing, angry — and often very entertaining — place.

Unlike some big name celebrities it’s fairly clear that Liam handles his own tweets — they’re all written in an impressively sweary, stream of consciousness style, and they’re pretty much all signed “LG x”.

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Here’s an example of him being confusing and entertaining:

The sun has got its hat on hip hip hip hooray the sun has got its hat on and it’s coming out to play as you were LG

— Liam Gallagher (@liamgallagher) July 9, 2017

And here’s an example of him being confusing and angry: Read more…

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How does Vulture from ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ rank against the other MCU villains?


Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers for all Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, up to and including Spider-Man: Homecoming.

A good bad man is hard to find – at least within the confines of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

While the franchise has given us some truly memorable superheroes, it’s been significantly less successful at crafting compelling supervillains. Sure, we all love Loki. But do you even remember Yellowjacket? Or Ronan? How about Malekith? Who? Yeah, exactly.

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Which is yet another reason Spider-Man: Homecoming feels like such an invigorating change of pace. In the Vulture, the MCU has delivered its best big bad in years – and he’s all the more riveting because he’s not your typical scenery-chewing megalomaniac. (It helps, of course, that he’s played by Michael Keaton, who commands the screen and makes it look effortless.) Read more…

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How ‘Game of Thrones’ ends according to diplomacy, warfare and economics experts


Fellow watchers on the Wall, Season 7 is upon us. 

Last year’s finale put all the major chess pieces on the board. Now, for the first time ever, we all enter the next chapter blind as a three-eyed raven — a truly blank slate to start off Season 7, whether you’ve read the books or not.

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But Game of Thrones is complex beyond our emotionally driven fan theories, and while its roots are in human pursuits as old as time, its themes are more relevant than ever. Blame its creator for that.

“George R.R. Martin has thought so deeply about the forces that influence human behavior,” said Stephen Dyson, professor of foreign policy and international relations at UConn, “that he has as much to say about real world politics as many of my academic colleagues.” Read more…

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Watch this rugby player propose to his boyfriend at London Pride, and I’m not crying, you’re crying


We will never, ever get tired of seeing adorable proposals at Pride, and no one is going to be forgetting this one anytime soon.

Kings Cross Steelers Rugby Football Club, an LGBTQ-inclusive rugby club, posted a video on Facebook of the team participating in Saturday’s Pride in London parade.

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The march starts out like any other, with the team walking in the parade and joining in the day’s festivities.

Just participating in the march, nothing to see here.

Just participating in the march, nothing to see here.

Image: facebook/kings cross steelers rfc

Then someone shouts “Ladies and Gentleman, we’re going to do a line-out,” so the smiling team moves into formation around Fernando Ferreira, the man of the hour.  Read more…

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Parakeet only wants to be friends with birds, real or not, who look exactly like itself


There are both people and birds who actually like to go out and make new friends, regardless of their actual quality. Ugh.

Twitter user @Pap3oyo’s parakeet is one of those birds. @Pap3oyo has been sharing videos of his very attractive parrot seemingly trying to make friends with stuffed animal versions of itself.

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Listen bird, we get it. I much rather be friends with a bunch of stuffed animals that look like me in lieu of actual humans with real demands who want me to listen to their relationship drama. Read more…

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Brave man gets completely destroyed by … a bale of hay


After centuries of being able to roll wherever they damn please, it’s time someone finally stood up to a rolling bales of hay.

At least we have instagram user @conndogo. Conddogo recently stood up to a rolling bale of hay, only to be destroyed.

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Sure, he didn’t technically take down the bale of hay and it’s very possible he’s suffering from a critical concussion. But at least he did something — and created Instagram art for us all to enjoy.

Fuckig hate hay bails @alseymour_ @jackcashmore @connor_pyke @ellis1565

A post shared by Harry Connell (@conndogo) on Read more…

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5 fidget spinners for people who say they’ll never get one


Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission.

You can deny it all you want, but deep down you know you want a fidget spinner. Sure, it’s a fad and everyone and their mother seem to have one, but that doesn’t mean you should deny your urge to fiddle with this trendy toy for hours on end—you just need to find the right one for you. Here are five fidget toys that put an original spin on the spinner craze.

1. Orbiter Magnetic Fidget Toy


The most popular incarnation of the fidget spinner might relieve stress in some, but its incessant whirring noise may cause madness in others. The Orbiter Magnetic Fidget Toy addresses this issue with its low-friction, ergonomically curved design. Plus, its durable, rust-resistant parts ensure smooth spinning, even after long-term use. Buy now: $16.99, formerly $39.99 Read more…

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Sen. Chuck Schumer wants to take away our precious, precious snortable chocolate


Every once in a while, a product comes along that is so insanely disgusting, we have no choice but to defend it to the death.

Take Coko Loco, otherwise known as snortable chocolate. 

On Saturday, Whinin’ Chuck Schumer, who also happens to be a Senator from New York, asked the FDA to step in and regulate the product on the grounds that children probably shouldn’t have access to “over-the-counter stimulants.”

Whatever, Dad.

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Seems like “Narcs” in US government are concerned about potentially damaging ingredients in Legal Lean Co.’s Coko Loco, which reportedly includes a powerful energy drink combination of gingko biloba, taurine and guarana in addition to “raw cacao snuff.” Read more…

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Snapchat will finally join the Net Neutrality Day bandwagon


A free and open internet is at stake, and the tech giants aren’t letting it go without a fight.

Snap Inc., the parent of Snapchat, is just the latest tech company to throw its public support behind the open internet in a statement sent to Mashable

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The company also confirmed its participation in Net Neutrality Day through the Internet Association, a trade group that represents many of the tech giants on issues related to the internet. Participants will advocate for people to contact Congress and the Federal Communications Commission to show their support for net neutrality.  Read more…

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