Relatable baby flamingo is trying very hard to be an adult


If you think a small baby flamingo desperately trying to adult sounds adorable, congratulations. You are a genius and you are absolutely correct.

Here’s the little bird in question. It’s currently living at Pittsburgh’s National Aviary, where it is enchanting visitors and the internet alike by being 1) fluffy and 2) extremely leggy.

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Brighten up your week by meeting a baby flamingo! Help us welcome this newly hatched flamingo at the National Aviary#NationalAviary

— National Aviary (@National_Aviary) June 29, 2017 Read more…

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Inside the employee mind: How to understand your employees, and keep them happy


As the workforce evolves, staying on top of employees’ needs will not only help companies to attract new hires, but to retain the talent they already have.

But the truth is, employers aren’t always on the same page as their employees.

Drawing from key findings by the ADP Research Institute®, here’s everything employers need to know in order to better understand their employees – and keep them happy.  

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Kittenfishing is the newest online dating trend — and it’s kinda just lying


You’ve heard of catfishing, but have you heard of the diet version of this deceitful practice?

Let us introduce you to Kittenfishing, the newest way to get scammed on a dating app. Coined by the dating app Hinge, it’s essentially defined as presenting yourself on a dating app in an unrealistically positive way. 

This could be as simple as using profile photos that are outrageously outdated or heavily edited. Or it can be more emotional, like straight-up lying about your talents, interests, or accomplishments. It can even come in the form of slight exaggerations that lead people to think you are someone you’re not.  Read more…

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Lenovo is making a camera specifically for YouTube’s VR180 format


Virtual reality (VR) is undeniably cool, but think about just how much of the experience is wasted. Total immersion requires a complete sphere of video (“360”), but humans can only see roughly half of that experience at any given moment.

That’s why YouTube announced VR180 a bit ago, the idea being if you cut the VR “world” in half, you can boost the quality of the experience significantly, and most of what you’re getting rid of the user isn’t seeing anyway.

Now all the format needs is actual support, and that’s underway. Lenovo announced it would be the first Google partner to debut a VR180 camera. The new Lenovo camera can fit in your pocket and is meant to be as user-friendly as a point-and-shoot. Read more…

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Sports stories that already lit up the internet in 2017


We’re at the halfway point of 2017, so all this week Mashable entertainment will be rolling out our 8.5 (Get it, half of ’17?) picks for the best of the year – so far! – in movies, TV, music, and more. It’s our eight best picks for you, along with a bonus choice that, while not strictly one of the greats, deserves a guilty pleasure mention. Enjoy.

Sports are spectacle, and this year hasn’t disappointed. 

The year is only half over, but 2017 has already brought no shortage of moments, characters, and storylines that left fans picking their collective jaw up off the floor. 

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Notorious B.I.G.’s mom accuses Kendall and Kylie of cultural appropriation after T-shirt scandal


A lot of people are extremely unhappy and offended by Kendall and Kylie Jenner’s new line of t-shirts, featuring their faces and initials plastered over the album covers of iconic, largely dead, musicians. Those among the offended is Notorious B.I.G.’s mother, Volleta Wallace.

The famous sisters featured her son’s face on one of their, now pulled, shirts. 

Kendall and Kylie are trash for so many things… but this… this is straight disrespectful, and they’re selling them for $125 each 🤦🏻‍♂️

— Cj Conde (@carloscjconde) June 28, 2017

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How to make a cool Spider-Man costume for under $40


Find out how to make your very own Spider-Man: Homecoming costume using regular clothes and a ton of black marker.

In each episode of ‘DIY Costume Squad,’ one of our expert hosts shows you how to make your own DIY costume based on popular movie/TV/video game characters. Watch as they transform everyday materials and store-bought items into fantastic costumes! 

Visit CineFix for more episodes and movie-related content. Read more…

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Women destroy body-shamer’s tweet in most empowering way


A man who tweeted saying that “girls over 110 lbs should never posts pics in a bikini” got his comeuppance on Twitter as women flooded him with body-positive photos of themselves in swimsuits. 

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The ill-judged statement promoted an empowering response from women weighing over 110lbs, who rightly pointed out that he was talking utter nonsense.  

Girls over 110 should never post pics in a bikini just sayin😷

— king (@ElliottEdie35) June 26, 2017

Women on Twitter were having none of it:  Read more…

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This endoscopic camera helps you peek inside the tiniest of spaces


Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission.

No matter how handy you are, your home repairs and DIY projects can come to a standstill when there’s an issue where hands and eyes can’t reach. 

Since shrinking yourself down to microscopic size isn’t the best idea (see: Honey I Shrunk the Kids or that episode of Rick and Morty), your best bet may just be this WiFi HD Waterproof Endoscopic Camera. It can easily venture into the micro world and eliminate the guesswork that might otherwise plague your projects.

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