I hate the ‘Dancing Hotdog!’ game so much, but I can’t stop playing it


Snapchat has done it again. It’s created another insanely viral camera filter — and this time it’s so popular it inspired its own unofficial bootleg game (available on iOS and Android).

I’m of course talking about the Snapchat’s footloose weenie, better known as the “dancing hot dog” that’s inspired everyone’s new favorite meme. Nice knowing ya, flower crown and puppy ears!

As the dancing hot dog continues to take over the internet, some evil geniuses (who have hidden their identities in both the Google Play Store and App Store) have taken it upon themselves to make it a silly, unofficial game — and it’s ridiculously hard. Like Flappy Bird-level difficult. It’s driving me nuts. Read more…

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Congressman completely wastes NASA’s time by asking about aliens


It’s not internet trolls who are obsessed with aliens. Apparently congressmen are too.

During a hearing of the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology Tuesday, Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher managed to baffle and amaze when he asked about life on Mars. 

And no, we’re not talking microbial life — something that NASA is hoping to hunt for with future missions to Mars. We’re talking full-blown civilizations. 

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“You have indicated that Mars had a, was totally different thousands of years ago,” the California congressman said, addressing a panel of space science experts.  Read more…

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Sansa’s hairdo may be a chilling clue to her ‘Game of Thrones’ future


With Sansa aligned fully to Game of Thrones‘ King in the North, what of the Queen in the South? Sunday’s Season 7 premiere showed Sansa urging Jon Snow to be wary of Cersei’s armies and ambitions.

If Jon didn’t know nothing, he might have noticed that Sansa now sports a distinctly Cerseian hairdo. Could she be turning into the very person she hates? 

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As Bustle notes, Cersei and Sansa share an alarming number of similarities; childhood dreams, unwanted marriages, abusive husbands, and — eventually — dead ones.

Same hair as Cersei. Same look as Cersei. I think Sansa has learnt from the best.#GOTs7 pic.twitter.com/9jeypzOVab

— Sansa Stark (@VengefulStark) June 1, 2017 Read more…

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Light up your outdoor space with these solar-powered glowing ‘rocks’


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Illuminate your yard this season with these Opps glow in the dark garden pebbles. Whether you want to light a pathway, fill a planter, or decorate a landscape, this product will do the job.

Save some money on lighting without harming the environment; these solar powered stones require no electricity.

The pebbles absorb sunlight during the day time and glow at night — lasting for up to three hours after exposure. They also look really really cool.

This 100-piece set of stones is the perfect addition to your home. Give your front yard a magical feel and add some glow to the summer. Get them here for $11.99. Read more…

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Google’s HR ambitions just keep growing


Google’s trying to make life easier for hiring managers. 

The tech company just debuted Hire, a tool for recruiters to keep track of job applicants. Google hinted it might have a feature like this coming back in April when it set up a sign-in page for a tool called Hire. 

Hire streamlines tools used by recruiters who also use G Suite, aka Gmail and Google Calendar. 

Recruiters can use Hire to schedule interviews on other people’s calendars and send them contact information, schedules, and interview questions. Recruiters can use Hire to visualize candidate data in Google Sheets, too. 

Google Hire.

Google Hire.

Image: google Read more…

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Get addicted to Flappy Bird all over again…on a hacked Dreamcast


The Sega Dreamcast lives on, too. Sort of.

Techie YouTuber Dmitry Grinberg breathed life into Sega’s final home console —  originally launched in the late ’90s — with a version of Flappy Bird of all things. The twist: it’s not a version of Flappy Bird for the actual home console, it’s a version for the console’s unique memory card device called the VMU, or visual memory unit.

The Dreamcast’s VMU plugs into controllers and can store save data for games as well as act as a second screen, displaying a clock or even a mini game when games call for it. Grinberg managed to hack it to play Flappy Bird, explaining his process on a very thorough write-up for anyone who wants to crack into their own Dreamcast VMU. Read more…

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I’m Ed Sheeran and you can all go to hell


Hello, I am singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran.

When I was asked to appear on HBO’s Game of Thrones in a very limited cameo appearance I said sure. Why not? I like the show enough. I wouldn’t say I’m a huge fan, or even caught up with the most recent episode. But yeah I’ll be on it. What could it possibly hurt? 

I signed onto Twitter Sunday evening expecting to to see a sea of adoring fans praising my VERY BRIEF appearance as a Lannister soldier. Instead I am greeted with nothing but hate. I mean my God. You’d think I just walked into your homes and shot your dog with a gun.  

Jesus Christ some of the tweets I was receiving. You realize I was only on screen for like three minutes, right?   Read more…

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Tinder’s new redesign will make you want to update your profile pics ASAP


Hope you’re feeling good about your Tinder profile pic choices, because they’re about to get even more action.

The dating app has just rolled out a redesign that puts your photos front and center. Starting today they’ll be larger — extending all the way to the screen edge — which is either excellent or terrifying depending on how you feel about people inspecting your face.

Image: tinder

Pics are also easier and faster to scan through. You can now tap on the edge of a pic to go to the next one or skip back — similar to how you navigate between Snapchat stories. If you hit the bottom, you’ll see their complete profile.  Read more…

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Sorry, Jurassic Park fans: New research says the T. rex actually couldn’t run


It turns out those Tyrannosaurus Rex chase scenes in Jurassic Park may not be so realistic after all. 

We hate to break it to you but: the famed dinosaur couldn’t run, according to new research from Manchester University. In other words, everything you thought you knew about the T. rex chasing down its prey could be wrong. 

The study, which used multi-body dynamic analysis and skeletal stress analysis — two bio-mechanical techniques — found that the T. rex’s legs wouldn’t have been able to handle running. Evidence shows that the T. rex was actually limited to walking, and wouldn’t have been able to run due to its body mass. Read more…

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This best-selling smartphone camera lens kit is on major sale today


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Smartphone owners are all becoming photographers these days, but the Amir 2-in-1 lens kit will set you apart from the rest. 

Originally $94.99, the kit is available on Amazon for $20.99 until supplies last. (Which won’t be long!)

The kit features both a 0.6X super wide angle lens for a high definition wide angle image without distortion, and a 15X enhanced macro lens for extreme close-up shots. 

As an added bonus, the clip-on attachment fits virtually every smartphone and and connects to lenses of all kinds, so you can attach your fisheye lens if you’re looking for an aquatic POV. Read more…

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