Supercut of Piers Morgan’s co-host cringing is a work of art


It’s fairly common knowledge that Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan has a controversial opinion or two, and that he doesn’t mind voicing them.

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Just ask his co-host Susanna Reid. In the glorious supercut above — put together by JOE — you can see exactly how unimpressed she is with his waffling on a daily basis.

Still, she does manage to get her own back every now and again. Read more…

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Man caught in hilariously awkward situation on Snap Maps


Snapchat’s new feature, Snap Maps, is freaking people out big time. 

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TL;DR: it doesn’t just tell your friends where you are, it also discloses some of your activities.

To be fair, Snap Maps also has the potential to give people a very good laugh. Take this tweet, for example:

Lad you okay??

— ᴀʟʙʏ 🌹 (@ALBY_LAD) June 27, 2017

Let’s dissect these pics, shall we? The one at the bottom right clearly shows a guy face down on the mud of some river banks, while the others show a bitmoji — presumably the same guy — standing up thumbs up and smiling.  Read more…

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China’s viral, dangerous toy: A $5 BB crossbow that shatters bottles


This latest toy in China is causing alarm amongst parents.

A new pellet-shooting mini crossbow is picking up in popularity. The handsized toy, which can be held and fired like a handgun, shoots small metal BB pellets that are strong enough to penetrate fruit, crack glass bottles — and cause serious injuries.

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More worryingly, the toys are extremely inexpensive, at $5 (33 yuan) each, making them accessible to most kids.

A report by the Legal Evening Post revealed that the makers of the laser-equipped crossbow also used to manufacture crossbows that shot wooden toothpicks. They moved on to making the BB pellet variation, after local governments and schools started to ban the viral but dangerous toys. Read more…

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Dad’s Twitter campaign for bullied son goes viral in the best way


The internet may be full of angry people and trolls, but sometimes it’s just plain nice.

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On Thursday morning, Christopher Hope-Smith asked Twitter for help. His son Ollie was turning 9 soon, Hope-Smith wrote, but there was a bully who kept telling him his birthday wouldn’t be “as good as his own”.

Hope-Smith had other ideas, though. He wanted to make sure Ollie’s birthday was his best so far.

Strange request. Anyone know anyone famous/well known who could send Ollie a positive/9th birthday message. The bully keeps saying to him

— Christopher (@Hopenlesmyth) June 29, 2017 Read more…

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One hero tweeted at KFC for a year until it brought back the spicy drumlets he wanted so bad


You know how they say persistence is the key to success? This guy is the living embodiment of that.

One man in Singapore made it his mission to get KFC to bring back its Hot Devil Drumlets — basically spicy chicken drumsticks — that was discontinued in the country in 2014.

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He turned to Twitter as his weapon of choice.

hot devil drumlets pls.

— Farhan (@farthestofhans) August 26, 2016

He pretty much used every opportunity he had to bring up ’em spicy drumlets.

im hangry coz you guys wont bring back the Hot Devil Drumlets.

— Farhan (@farthestofhans) October 20, 2016 Read more…

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Makeup brand Nars is sorry for animal testing, but it’s not going to stop either


People are getting pretty pissed off at Nars.

The popular makeup brand is facing a wave of backlash, after it revealed that it began selling its products in China earlier this month — a country where animal testing is compulsory.

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Nars Cosmetics had previously heavily marketed its cruelty-free practices. The company was acquired by Shiseido in 2000.

Shame on you! @NARS_makeup Reverting to animal testing for China’s market #vegan #CrueltyFree #AnimalRights

— Scarlett Carson Ⓥ (@ScarVC) June 29, 2017

Girls please stop supporting Benefit and other non cruelty-free makeup brands! Nars, too, now tests on animals in China. STOP!!!!

— Hawkgirl (@Echidnaaaaa) June 29, 2017 Read more…

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Guy books a ride on an app, but a huge truck came to pick him up instead


This was certainly no UberX.

A man’s account of how he ended up at the back of a truck after using a ridesharing app, has gone viral on Weibo.

The man, who goes by the user ID @QiGeNongDongQiang, wrote in a now-deleted post that he wanted to take a ride from Wushan — a county in southwest China to the city of Chongqing. It’s approximately a five to six hour ride.

Image: Weibo

The man, who works in insurance, said that the driver pinged him on the app to note that the vehicle would be “wide.”

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“I was expecting a Toyota Alphard,” he wrote.

But instead, a huge truck pulled up. Read more…

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Genius Best Buy employee explains the difference between having ‘the juice’ and ‘the sauce’


You probably didn’t expect Best Buy to be the place where some of the deepest philosophical conversations of our time were occurring, but now we have video evidence.

Twitter user LukeG2017 uploaded this clip on Tuesday discussing a question that you didn’t know you needed the answer to with his coworker Gino_Russ.

Rappers brag all the time about how they got the sauce and often how about how they have the juice as well, but really what’s the difference?

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What’s the difference between the juice and the sauce? @Gino_Russ

— LB (@LukeG2017) June 28, 2017 Read more…

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JAY-Z’s much-anticipated new album ‘4:44’ is out right now


It’s out.

JAY-Z’s — note the return of the hyphen and the capitalization — much-hyped, much-advertised new album 4:44 has been released as a Tidal exclusive, the rapper’s first in four years.

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The 10-track album leads with the cheekily named track “Kill Jay Z,” which points to his recent re-hyphenation. There’s also listed collaborations with Frank Ocean, Gloria Carter (JAY-Z’s mother), and Damian Marley. 

4:44 is reportedly only available to existing subscribers to Tidal, unless you’re a Sprint user, according to The Verge Read more…

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Amazon’s Whole Foods deal pretty much sunk Blue Apron’s IPO


A giant wall of lettuce, crates of vegetables, and gourmet food stands adorned the front of the New York Stock Exchange building on Thursday morning as meal delivery service Blue Apron celebrated its debut on the trading floor.

Produce-related festivities aside, enthusiasm for the once hotly anticipated public offering has wilted in the past couple days as the company lowered its target opening stock price from between $15 and $17 to just $10. 

A stale day of trading that left shares stagnant at a time when young companies usually look for fresh momentum didn’t do much to lift the mood among investors. Read more…

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