Drones with defibrillators could save lives before the ambulance arrives


In the perhaps not-so-distant future, drones could be first responders.

That’s the conclusion from a report published Tuesday by the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) following a simulated study involving drones carrying defibrillators in Sweden.

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Researchers for the study equipped an eight-rotor drone from the Swedish Transportation Agency with a GPS system, a camera and a defibrillator for several out-of-sight test flights in October 2016. 

Their aim: to find out if life-saving equipment like the defibrillator could be dispatched to a person in cardiac arrest outside a hospital more quickly with a drone than with a traditional emergency response unit. They made some hopeful discoveries. Read more…

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‘Game of Thrones’ death compilation video is over 20 minutes long


“In the game of thrones, you either win or you die” — and boy, there’s been a lot of death. A new video compiles every death on Game of Thrones (including horses, direwolves, and more), clocking in at almost 21 minutes with a whopping 150,966 deaths.

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We start, almost humbly, with free folk north of the wall, found dead within the first few minutes of episode 1 because of White Walkers. Deer and direwolves follow quickly, and then the innocent — including Arya’s friend Mycah, executed in one of Joffrey’s early acts of tyranny. From there it just climbs — particularly with battle scenes. Read more…

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Daniel Radcliffe ventures into a forbidding forest in the ‘Jungle’ trailer


Welcome to the jungle, Daniel Radcliffe.

Directed by Greg Mclean (Wolf Creek), Jungle stars Radcliffe as real-life adventurer Yossi Ghinsberg. In 1981, Ghinsberg traveled into uncharted territory in the Amazon forest and wound up stranded there for three weeks.

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The film is based on Ghinsberg’s 2005 memoir, so no points for guessing if he survives. This is one of those movies that’s all about the journey, and Ghinsberg’s trip looks like a particularly harrowing one.

In the trailer alone, Radcliffe’s Ghinsberg encounters shady characters, dangerous currents, and terrifying wild animals, and dangerous currents. Voldemort himself would be impressed at the level of torment visited upon the former Harry Potter. Read more…

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Girl’s viral tweet about her very bad hairstyle got the attention of her preschool crush


If there are two things the internet loves, it’s hilarious mishaps and goals-worthy romance. Luck for us, this girl’s viral tweet has both. 

When Twitter user Hanna De Castro posted a photo of her mother’s misguided interpretation of what a half-up, half-down hairstyle was, people absolutely loved it. Others began showing off their own quirky looks made by mom.

My mom was told to give me a half up half down hairstyle. She didnt know what that meant so she did this.pic.twitter.com/4WmaJxVqcl

— Hanna De Castro (@urchicahanna) June 11, 2017

As the tweet continued to gain popularity, Hanna received a reply from an unexpected blast from the past.  Read more…

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Facebook researchers taught bots to negotiate (and lie) like humans


Facebook just took a big step forward in its quest to make its automated bots more like humans.

The company’s AI researchers have taught the bots how to negotiate. In research published today, Facebook’s Artificial Intelligence Researchers (FAIR — yes, that’s really what they call themselves) detail the “breakthrough” and how the bots ended up acting more human than they expected.

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The researchers trained the bots with examples of actual human negotiations where two people were tasked with dividing up a series of objects, which had different values to each side. The scientists then used this data to teach the bots how to negotiate. (You can see an example in the GIF below.) Read more…

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Trump to mayor of sinking island: Don’t worry about sea level rise


Sea level rise caused by global warming is threatening the existence of the tiny community of Tangier Island, Virginia, located in Chesapeake Bay. 

Yet a CNN report on the town’s plight appears to have prompted President Donald Trump to call the town’s mayor to assure him that his town will not succumb to rising seas by the middle of this century, despite what scientists predict. 

Instead, Trump told mayor James “Ooker” Eskridge in a phone call on Monday that residents of Tangier Island have nothing to fear when it comes to rising sea levels. 

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An AI just beat ‘Ms. Pac-Man.’ We’re doomed.


Ms. Pac-Man was supposed to be the more difficult arcade game. But now it’s been laid low — like chess, Go, and poker before it — by artificial intelligence.

Researchers with deep learning company Maluuba, which Microsoft acquired earlier this year, decided to tackle the deceptively simple arcade game after developing an unusual AI algorithm that uses a team of intelligent agents overseen by a manager agent to play Ms. Pac-Man. Those agents broke the game down into tasks and sub-tasks and were rewarded (or reinforced) for pursuing those tasks.

For example, some agents were charged with finding specific Ms. Pac-Man game pellets, while others were told to avoid ghosts at all costs. The manager agent would then analyze how the agents approached each task and the intensity they applied to them to decide which paths were, in fact, the best. Individual agents had their own reward functions and the manager would prioritize tasks that were more important. In other words, tasks like avoiding ghosts (which kill on touch in the game) were prioritized over other tasks. Read more…

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Skittles honors LGBTQ Pride by replacing the rainbow with oh god, no


It’s June, and every brand with a brain in its head is trying to capitalize on LGBTQ pride — even if it stirs up a little useless internet controversy.

Take Skittles. For the past two years, the brand has decided to strip color from its candy shells because there’s only “one rainbow” during Pride month. It’s a strange gesture of respect, but nowhere near as weird as what they replaced it with: white skittles.

Just think: White skittles. That’s we’re supposed to celebrate. For a month called PRIDE.

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Of course, Skittles by no means wanted to celebrate “White Pride.” That being said, this is the internet we’re talking about, and it’s just classic tonedeaf marketing to imagine that people wouldn’t think otherwise. Read more…

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New houses will have Alexa and Wi-Fi built into the walls


The Wi-Fi Alliance, the non-profit organization that certifies Wi-Fi enabled products, is ready to usher in a new era of the smart homes. 

Traditionally, there have been no set standards for integrating a wireless network directly into home blueprints, unlike other essential utilities, such as plumbing and electricity. But as our houses continue to be filled with IoT appliances that depend on the internet, a strong network signal is becoming increasingly important.

The org has issued a new set of guidelines for homebuilders to follow to include wireless networks in their designs, which were drafted with an eye to the needs of a connected future, according to the Wi-Fi Alliance announcement:  Read more…

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