Disney’s live-action ‘The Lion King’ goes for that stunning naturalism


If you thought The Jungle Book had some kind of magical realism going on, just wait until you see what’s in store for The Lion King.

Disney teased a minute or so of its live-action treatment of The Lion King on Saturday at its D23 Expo, and though the film isn’t due until 2019, it certainly looks on track.

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“We know how important this is,” director Jon Favreau (who helped pioneer the naturalism of The Jungle Book) said. “People want to know what our approach is, what are we doing? The team scrambled to pull something together … we just want you to know we’re working hard, we love you so much and we look forward to giving this to you.” Read more…

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This week in apps: Book spa treatments with Google, take retro photos, and more


Too caught up in the battle for net neutrality to keep up with all the new apps and updates this week?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. 

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is making our lives a lot easier.

Microsoft Outlook is making our lives a lot easier.

Image: Microsoft outlook/itunes

Something for both Apple and Android users! The email service just made replying a little easier. Now, group conversations automatically open to the first unread message, so you don’t get lost. You can also tag people you’re chatting with by typing the @ symbol. There’s also a new account picker, so if you have email accounts with Gmail, Outlook, and Office365, you can easily access the one you’re looking for much more quickly.  Read more…

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Twitter is trolling the cast of Trump Jr.’s ever-growing clown car meeting


The world is slowly piecing together more and more of the puzzle that is Donald Trump Jr. meeting with a Russian lawyer at Trump Tower on June 9, 2016. A cascade of revelations on Friday made it clear that the gathering wasn’t as intimate as first suggested. In fact, the latest reports say at least eight ( !!! ) people attended

On Friday, The Associated Press reported that Russian-American lobbyist Rinat Akhmetshin also attended the meeting with publicist Rob Goldstone, who helped set everything up. In addition to those two, CNN reported the meeting included Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, then-campaign chairman Paul Manafort, Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya, and at least two other people in the room. Read more…

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Gripping ‘Baby Driver’ action sequence is exactly why we’re loving Ansel Elgort


What some are calling the best scene in Edgar Wright’s new film Baby Driver is now available in its entirety for free on YouTube. 

The six-minute video is basically one long music video, featuring Ansel Elgort as he’s about to lead police on an amazing car chase through the streets of Atlanta. 

While the song “Bellbottoms,” by the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, plays, Elgort delivers a compelling bit of chair dancing and cinematic vamping that is reminiscent Tom Cruise’s iconic dance routine from Risky Business at the start of his career. 

Whether this is the start of another epic acting career remains to be seen, but Elgort’s performance is worth your six minutes, and might even pull you into the theater to see the entire movie.  Read more…

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Your favorite tween clothing store reportedly has asbestos in its makeup


Yikes. Justice, or the Store Formerly Known as Limited Too, has something dangerous happening with its makeup. 

A North Carolina local news report about the tween clothing mall staple found that a highlighter sold by the brand tested positive for asbestosJust Shine Shimmer Powder was found to contain the dangerous material, which can cause cancer and mesothelioma. 

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Usually, people are worried about coming into contact with asbestos when they move into an older house or building. Before the material’s impact on health was known, asbestos was a popular ingredient for insulation. But no one’s really checking for asbestos when they buy a highlighter at the mall.  Read more…

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Neill Blomkamp uses YouTube, Twitter, Steam to fuel new sci-fi series


There’s a new sci-fi series out that’s must-view material, but it’s not the new season of Black Mirror. This one is from none other than film director Neill Blomkamp (District 9, Elysium, Chappie). 

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Launched on YouTube under the name Oats Studios, the series of 20-minute films takes us on trips through alternate realities featuring invading aliens, rogue parasites, tech-powered jungle myths, and even god itself controlling the fate of mankind with laboratory-style experimentation. 

The latest, titled Zygote, launched on Wednesday and stars Dakota Fanning (War of the Worlds, Man on Fire, Twilight Saga) in a terrifying short that has her fighting for her life in a deserted outpost against a creature whose screams will haunt your nightmares. Another episode in the series, called Rakka, stars Sigourney Weaver leading a revolt against an alien horde attempting to enslave the entire planet.  Read more…

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Congrats to this clever mama raccoon who broke into a car to give birth


No one wants their car broken into, but sometimes you gotta give credit where credit is due. 

Consider, for example, this mother raccoon, who climbed through a plastic window cover and tumbled into the backseat of a parked convertible at an auto shop so she could safely give birth to her kits. 

She was later relocated by Devon of Wildlife, Inc. Rescue and Rehabilitation Center in Manatee, Florida.

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“I captured the mother, then 2 caring employees and I searched the entire car for her babies,” Devon wrote in a Facebook post. “Once they were both accounted for, I relocated them to some woods where she can continue to raise them.” Read more…

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Tennis star Kim Clijsters invites Wimbledon spectator to put on a skirt and play


Tennis star Kim Clijsters certainly doesn’t need suggestions from the Wimbledon stands. But when one overzealous spectator couldn’t help but shout advice, she took the opportunity to have some fun.

During a doubles match on Friday, Clijsters asked her partner, Rennae Stubbs, whether she should serve wide or down the middle. That’s when a man in the front row yelled, “Body serve!” (That’s a real thing, BTW.)

So Clijsters beckoned him to the court, inviting him to play a point or two. (You know, since he was so confident.) In accordance with Wimbledon regulations, she also lent him a set of tennis whites. Read more…

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PSA: You might want to look up at the sky on Sunday night


If you’re free on Sunday night and you live within a certain range of northern latitudes, you might want to look out a window. 

Meteorologists are predicting an aurora borealis, or northern lights show. 

Do you live where the #Aurora may be visible Sunday night?
Don’t forget to check the cloud forecast! https://t.co/VyWINDk3xP #AuroraBorealis pic.twitter.com/gmggkmScDv

— NWS (@NWS) July 14, 2017

The northern lights are the result of our sun’s solar storms, which emit streams of charged particles that can reach Earth. Magnetic fields from the north and south poles pull the particles into the upper or occasionally lower atmosphere, where they collide with neutral particles.  Read more…

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‘Views from the Thrones’ is the mixtape you never knew you needed


Drake + Game of Thrones = 🔥

Just in time for the GoT Season 7 premiere, Detroit rapper Tony K dropped a hot new mixtape that mashes together the addicting HBO show’s soundtrack with the music stylings of Drake.

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A play off of Drake’s 2016 album Views From the 6, the mashup album, titled Views From The Throne features lyrics from some of Drake’s biggest hits like “Forever,” “Take Care,” and “Over,” blended with Ramin Dajawadi’s chilling and dramatic show compositions.

Pretty sick, right? You can listen to the full album here. And back in 2016 Tony K even mashed up Game of Thrones music with 13 of 2Pac’s raps. Read more…

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