Razer unveils a cheaper Blade 15 gaming laptop with a hybrid hard drive


Razer’s premier gaming laptop is getting a big update.

Less than six months after releasing the Blade 15, Razer is already rolling out an update to its gaming laptop line with its new Blade 15 Dual Storage edition. 

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If you couldn’t tell from its name, the Razer Blade 15 Dual Storage edition comes with two drives, a smaller SSD for performance and a larger hard drive for capacity. The Blade 15 Dual Storage edition is a little bit thicker than the earlier Blade 15 models because of this additional 2.5-inch drive, but Razer took advantage of the extra space by adding in a gigabit Ethernet port to improve connectivity. For a gaming laptop especially, this is more than an acceptable tradeoff.  Read more…

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Razer Phone 2 is a gaming smartphone built for ‘Fortnite’ addicts


Almost a year after releasing its first gaming-focused smartphone, Razer is throwing its hat back into the arena. Behold: the Razer Phone 2.

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For the uninitiated, Razer is a powerhouse in the game peripheral market, and the company’s second smartphone cements its place as an industry leader. The Razer Phone 2 is built specifically for people who love video games and want to do more of it on a touchscreen — namely with titles like Fortnite or PUBG Mobile.

To handle this, the new Razer Phone, which I got a chance to try out for a few minutes, is said to perform 30 percent better than the previous generation thanks to its Qualcomm 845 Snapdragon processor and Adreno 630 GPU.  Read more…

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Elon Musk denies being replaced by James Murdoch as Tesla chairman


Elon Musk denied he’ll be replaced by James Murdoch as Tesla’s chairman, an alleged shakeup that was the subject of rumors on Wednesday.

Murdoch, who’s due to end his stint as 21st Century Fox’s CEO, was named in a Financial Times report as the lead candidate to succeed Musk, according to two sources who spoke with the newspaper.

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Musk remarked simply that the report was “incorrect” on Twitter.

This is incorrect

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) October 10, 2018

The younger son of media mogul Rupert, Murdoch also serves as a director on Tesla’s board, where he has done so since 2017. Read more…

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The incredible saga of the barefoot runner, a local Facebook group, and some acorns


Local Facebook really is something else. Here’s the saga of the barefoot runner and “I Love NE Minneapolis.” You might want to sit down for this. 

An irate “competitive barefoot runner” took to his neighborhood Facebook group to complain about the abundance of acorns littering the sidewalks. 

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“This makes my training sessions very difficult,” he posted. “So this is just a friendly reminder to please keep your sidewalks clear of any acorns or other debris that might injure those whom are active members of the barefoot running community, including myself.”  Read more…

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Google mocks cryptocurrency as ‘not real’ in Call Screen ad


Google thinks your crypto is a joke.  

The search and advertising giant released a new tool on Tuesday known as Call Screen, which helps Pixel owners screen unwanted calls. In a seemingly out of place move, the company used the product’s announcement as an opportunity to dunk on cryptocurrency. 

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To promote the feature, Google released a short video starring The Daily Show’s Dulcé Sloan and Ronny Chieng. Meant to demo Call Screen in action, the minute-long ad depicts the two comedians — dressed as Google employees — screening calls from a scammer and the power company.  Read more…

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Porgs make Magic Leap fun. The Internet of Things could make it useful.


The porg on the carpet looked up at me, its watery eyes pleading, tiny wings flapping uselessly. It wanted a snack. Or maybe a toy? In the background, C-3P0 droned on, occasionally interrupted by a bleating Chewbacca. 

This was mixed reality experienced through the Magic Leap One, the long-long-long-awaited AR headset now available for the robust price of $2,295. Here’s what you get for your money: a surprisingly comfortable headset, a controller, and a small computer called a Lightpack, which resembles a thick hockey puck you can clip into your pocket or wear on a strap. 

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Watch this dog reunite with his owner after 3 years on the streets


Are you holding anything? Put it down. Are you in a quiet place where you can turn up the volume and cry loudly? Grab tissues. 

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Please take a moment to appreciate the most heartwarming video of this year: A man who was reunited with his pup after three years of searching. 

Jorge went missing in 2015, and 62-year-old Giorgi Bereziani has been looking for him ever since. According to ViralHog, opera house employees in Tbilisi, Georgia saw his posters and called him when they spotted a black and white dog roaming around the neighborhood.  Read more…

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Protesters shine torches, lights onto the Sydney Opera House


More than 1,000 protesters, armed with torches, flashlights and smartphones, shone lights on the sails of the Sydney Opera House in Australia on Tuesday night.

Protesters sought to obscure a promotion for a horse racing event called The Everest, after the state of New South Wales’ government strong-armed its way into ensuring the projection on the building would take place.

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The Sydney Opera House has a policy in which logos, corporate identities or colours are forbidden from being projected onto its sails, as to not undermine its heritage status. Read more…

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We officially have a Fat Bear Week champion, and she’s glorious


Welcome to Fat Bear Week at Mashable! Each fall, Katmai National Park holds a competition as Alaska’s brown bears finish fattening up for their long winter hibernation. This year, Mashable is getting in on the salmon-munching action. Check back with us all week as we follow the fat bear face-offs each day, and remember to get your votes in for each round. Happy fishing!

After consuming exceptional quantities of salmon this summer, Bear 409 “Beadnose” has triumphed as the 2018 Fat Bear Week champion.

She toppled a formidable contender in Bear 747, a dominant male bear whose enriched belly nearly scraped the ground. Read more…

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The Dyson Airwrap is here to re-invent the curling iron


Dyson wants to curl your hair… with air.

Not satisfied with disrupting hair dryers, Dyson is applying its air-blasting motor tech to breathe new life into another area of personal haircare: curlers and stylers. The Dyson Airwrap can curl hair, add volume, or get frizzy hair under control. And it does so without the extreme heat that can sometimes cause damage, instead using jets of air to grab and style the hair, one shock at a time.

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The Airwrap is the second product Dyson has made for the personal-care market, the first being the Supersonic hair dryer. Like the Supersonic, the Airwrap uses a tiny version of the company’s V9 motor that run at 110,000 rpm’s to blast air at high speed. Read more…

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