Super tall 12-year-old basketball player predictably devastates opponents


There’s always that one kid you should pass it to.

In the case of basketball team the Frenchy Phenoms, you might want to give the ball to 12-year-old Olivier Rioux. He measures a very tall 213 centimetres (6 foot 9), and when playing against other kids his age on a shorter hoop, well, the results are fairly predictable.

Although he has no qualms shooting from a distance, Rioux can easily dunk into the basket thanks to his height, which makes him a pretty handy defender too. 

Sure, it doesn’t seem legal, but at least the video is enjoyable.

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Black hole eats and destroys hapless star which wandered too close


Beware of the hungry black hole.

Astronomers tracked a supermassive black hole, 20 million times larger than the sun, which ate up and destroyed a star that came too close.

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Located nearly 150 million light years away from Earth, scientists theorise the star swirled around the black hole, emitting intense x-rays and visible light, as a jet of material spat out at a quarter of the speed of light.

Such an occurrence, called a tidal disruption event (TDE), has been rarely spotted. But scientists think they happen more often. Read more…

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Hillary Clinton masterfully mocks James Comey over his misuse of private email


“But her emails.”

It’s become a meme at this point. The Republican party  — and Trump campaign — made such a huge stinkin’ deal about Clinton’s use of a private email server while she was secretary of state, that any time a more serious scandal enveloped the right, people would mock the time and effort spent trying to “lock her up.” 

The phrase has also been used jokingly to insult Trump supporters for latching onto the email scandal for so long, while there’s plenty of better things to be concerned about.

a man in a MAGA hat stumbles out of his basement, choking on dust and radioactive fallout

“but her emails!” he whispers, before dying

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Reporter to Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Trump immigration policy: ‘Don’t you have any empathy?’


Reporters in the White House press  are trying something new with Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders: appealing to her “empathy.”

During Thursday’s White House press briefing, Sanders fielded searing criticism from an outspoken reporter over the Trump administration’s policy to separate migrant families at the Mexican border.

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The reporter in question was Brian Karem, executive editor of the Sentinel Newspapers. Just before, Sanders had been sparring with another reporter over of the question of why the administration chooses to separate children from parents who arrive in the U.S. illegally, with the reporter arguing that that the administration “doesn’t want to take responsibility” for this new element of its immigration policy. Read more…

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The ‘Ocean’s 8’ lack of conflict is the most important part of its fantasy


Since its box office–topping release, Ocean’s 8 has delighted some moviegoers and caused others to respond with a not-resounding shrug. 

The shruggers point to the film’s lack of conflict as an issue with the story, alluding to the fact that the lady criminals in the movie experience few setbacks in their quest to steal millions of dollars worth of diamonds, and that the setbacks they do encounter are solved easily. 

“This movie is boring,” they say, “because there is no tension or concern whether they’ be able to pull off the job.”

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When I say I want a goth gf, this is what I meme


Deep down, we’re all still in our goth phase. 

Pop culture in the early 2000s was full of iconic goth girls — whether it was Sam from Danny Phantom or Janis Ian from Mean Girls, everyone was a little bit in love with the goth queens of Hot Topic. 

In a meme sweeping Twitter, people are posting pictures of their ideal goth girlfriends. 

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By “goth gf,” they really mean any celebrity dressed in black, from Danny DeVito to bad boy Rodrick from Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

when i say i want a goth gf this is what i mean

— izzy (@izzscarlett) June 14, 2018 Read more…

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Why the gig economy was doomed from the start


For a while there, it seemed like “Uber for X” was the only pitch that mattered.

To many, the rapid rise of Uber wasn’t just a major tech success story — it signaled a wholesale change that was coming to how people thought of work. Traditional jobs, the thinking went, would soon become less and less common, with predictable, inefficient employment getting replaced by the flexibility of independent contract work. The “gig economy” was underway, and it was unstoppable.

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Except that it stopped. In her new book, Gigged, reporter Sarah Kessler chronicles the ascent and decline of the gig economy, starting in the early 2010s, when it seemed every service — from grocery shopping to cleaning offices — could be “app-ified” to be done by easily scalable contract work, to the death of many of those services a few years later, when their models proved unsustainable. Read more…

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Snapchat could soon get its own version of Instagram’s Boomerang


It looks like Snapchat may soon be borrowing a feature from Instagram, for once.

The app is currently testing a new video feature that lets users create looping Boomerang-style videos. The feature, called “bounce,” is being tested in a beta version of the app but isn’t publicly available yet.

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Snapchat already lets you create looping videos — the feature was added a year ago — but it doesn’t quite create Boomerang-like effects. (Boomerang creates its looping effects by playing clips forward and then backward.)

The new bounce feature brings Snapchat’s version closer to Instagram’s Boomerang, though. It appears alongside the other video playback tools. Using a slider, you select a portion of the video to “bounce.” The clip will play backward and forward in a loop, similar to a Boomerang. Read more…

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