How long can Disney keep a declining ESPN?


Disney owns so, so much: Theme parks, “Star Wars,” Pixar, and a deep, wonderful catalogue of classic animated movies. 

With so much in the vault, it’s easy to forget about ESPN. The cable sports network has, for years, been a crown jewel in Disney’s vast empire. It generated a ton of cash, helping to push Disney to record profits. 

These days, though? ESPN’s an anchor weighing down the rest of Disney. 

About two weeks after ESPN laid off about 100 staffers—including on-air personalities and reporters—Disney reported second quarter earnings that highlighted just how much of a drag the sports channel has become.  Read more…

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Snapchat quietly released new geofilters for nearby businesses


Snapchat is helping you more easily show off where you are and also further support local businesses. 

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A new geofilter, available at least in New York City Tuesday, displays the name of a nearby business with the name of the city below it in white text over snaps. You can then tap through a bunch of other nearby shops.

Nearby Mashable headquarters on Fifth Avenue, the geofilter started with Hu Kitchen and then showed Anthropologie, The Parker Gramercy and Union Fare. 

The update provides another engaging experience on Snapchat for any user and comes on the same day that the app introduced several major product changes.  Read more…

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Yelp is having a truly brutal day


“Yelp needs help” was the joke of finance Twitter Tuesday, as the company’s stock plummeted down by more than 28 percent in after-hours trading. 

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— twobacons (@twobacons) May 9, 2017

That’s an extreme dip and a bad look for a company that has been desperately attempting to climb back to its heights of 2014. Yelp’s stock was ripped to shreds after the company reported sales under analysts’ forecasts and also slashed its own revenue estimates for the year. 

In other words, we didn’t do as well as people had expected, and the future isn’t looking great either. Read more…

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Researchers want to know the effects of taking small doses of LSD to self-medicate


Josh heard all the buzz about Silicon Valley coders and young entrepreneurs who took tiny doses of LSD to boost productivity and spark creativity. But the 32-year-old was drawn to the psychedelic drug for another reason: the possibility that it could lift the fog of his depression, if only temporarily. 

Josh, who asked to withhold his last name due to the illegal nature of microdosing, said he turned to Reddit for answers. 

The website was filled with tips and testimonials of people who tried around 10 micrograms of LSD — an illegal narcotic — and had either positive experiences, found it didn’t work, or reported mild side effects. Although there are risks, nobody said they had wild or dangerous hallucinations, which are common with larger doses of mind-altering chemicals. Read more…

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Watch an alligator chase a dude in a kayak


Today in Nature is Scary, an innocent kayaker was chased by an alligator in the Gulf Coast of Alabama. 

Shannon Collins shared two videos of the incident to her Facebook on Tuesday, which took place in Spanish Fort. In the clip, a man in a yellow kayak can be seen looking back at an alligator in the water. When he attempts to paddle away from the gator, it follows.

“Get out of the water, dude,” Collins can be heard saying in another video of the gator giving chase. 

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“That gator followed him until he docked, then stayed there by him until he loaded his kayak in his truck and left,” Collins wrote in a comment on Facebook. “He got a little too close to her babies we think and she wasnt [sic] letting him out of her sight. That gator was serious.” Read more…

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Oreo introduces new Firework flavor, and a $500,000 prize contest


Oreo is not done with their wild 2017 cookie innovations.

For their latest go at an exciting new flavor, the snack masterminds created a limited edition Firework Oreo, or as Cosmopolitan calls it, “an Oreo with Pop Rocks in the creme.”

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At the center of the cookie, red and blue “popping candies” (a la Pop Rocks) are mixed in with the creme, creating a “firework” sensation in your mouth.

Image: nabisco

Fireworks Oreos hit stores May 8 for a limited time – and we have a feeling with their red, white, and blue packaging – they’ll be a big hit for the fourth of July. Read more…

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Critics: ‘King Arthur’ is ‘vulgar, phony-looking’ … but tell us what you really thought


It’s unclear why Guy Ritchie decided Hollywood needed a King Arthur reboot — apart from the fact that Hollywood’s do-over obsession hasn’t lost steam in 2017. Nevertheless, his spin on King Arthur and his knights has arrived and generally underwhelmed critics, despite Ritchie’s promising work with Sherlock Holmes.

The Telegraph‘s Robbie Collin described King Arthur: Legend of the Sword as “so misshapen and inert, your imagination and memory never come close to being sparked by it. Just sticking with the plot soaks up every ounce of concentration you have.”

Yikes. Read more of the films reviews below. Read more…

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Tesla’s going to record video of your drives to perfect its Autopilot system


Tesla’s excited to ramp up its work to create a fully self-driving car platform by the end of the year — so it wants your permission to take some quick videos while you’re behind the wheel, please. 

The electric automaker rolled out the latest version of its HW2 Autopilot software and asked owners to agree to some new terms along with the update, according to Electrek, which published the message Tesla sent its owners. 

In order to “improve autonomous safety features and make self-driving a reality for you as soon as possible,” Tesla has asked owners to allow their cars’ camera systems to record “short video clips.” Those videos will be used to help hone the Autopilot’s visual recognition capabilities to keep the cars on the road.   Read more…

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LOL educators, good luck with your war on social media


Schools may provide students with a wealth of academic knowledge, but do they really think they have what it takes to outsmart children when it comes to social media?

The battle between educational institutions and social media’s been brewing for years, but the latest attempt to prevent children from being distracted by their beloved mobiles? Straight-up laughable.

According to the Wisconsin State Journal, four public schools in Madison, Wisconsin—East High School, Wright and Cherokee Middle schools, and West High School—are going so far as to shut down wi-fi connectivity for popular apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and over 30 others in order to determine just how heavily student behavior, grades, and overall school safety are impacted by personal internet usage. Read more…

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