This outstanding play is already Major League Baseball’s catch of the year


Sprinting, diving and barrel-rolling, Toronto Blue Jays outfielder Kevin Pillar made an absolute stunner of a play Monday night, one that’s already being hailed as Major League Baseball’s catch of the season so far.

With two outs in the sixth inning, a runner in scoring position and Toronto up 4-0 on Cleveland, Pillar laid all the way out to rob Jose Ramirez of what sure as hell should have been a base hit. Take a look. 

We’re not even sure what’s more impressive — Pillar’s full-extension to pluck the ball from the air, or the awareness to pull out of his barrel-roll just before hitting the wall. Verily, the man can do it all.  Read more…

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Nothing to see here, just a 100% normal real estate listing. But don’t look in the dining room, please.


In the market for a home in Brantford, Ontario? Well, here’s one that a lot of people are talking about. Let’s take a look at the photos.

Okay, there’s a nice yard. Well-kept. Green.

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And a nice garage with lots of available storage. Great!‘ data-credit-provider=”custom type” src=”×4096/” data-fragment=”m!9e98″ data-image=”” data-micro=”1″>


Yep, this space is perfectly designed for all those clowns you definitely have. Read more…

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This brewery used 50,000 liters of human urine to make its beer

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United threatened with another lawsuit after allegedly burning giant rabbit’s remains


The sad mystery around the sudden death of a giant rabbit onboard a United Airlines flight in April deepens thanks to new, disturbing allegations made by the rabbit’s owners.

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The owners of giant hare Simon are demanding an undisclosed payment for damages and an independent investigation into what the heck exactly happened to the 10-month-old three-foot-long continental giant rabbit on the London-to-Chicago flight in late April that resulted in his death. 

Their lawyer, Guy Cook, alleges that, at some point, Simon was locked in a freezer, potentially for 16 hours, by mistake, and that’s how he died. The hare was then cremated without the owners’ consent, Cook said at a news conference Monday, pointing to UK tabloid reports written at the time of Simon’s death that quoted an anonymous airline staffer detailing the freezer incident. Read more…

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Apple sends out press invites for June 5 WWDC keynote


Here we go! We already told you to mark your calendars for June 5-9 for Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) and now you can set your clocks.

Apple sent out press invites to its 28th annual WWDC keynote on Tuesday. The show will kick off at 10 a.m. PT at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California.

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WWDC is expected to a big one this year. Not only are we expecting to see new versions of Apple’s iOS and macOS, watchOS and tvOS, we may also hear more about Apple’s push into original video and expansion with Apple Music. Read more…

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Amazon’s Echo Show stands on the shoulders of these failed internet appliances

Amazon’s Echo Show stands on the shoulders of these failed internet appliances


Here’s a steaming hot take for you: With the Echo Show, Amazon is playing Apple’s game by taking something that has existed in many forms before and owning it as though it’s an original idea. 

That’s right, the groundbreaking device that Amazon just dropped on everyone has been around for almost two decades, in various forms. It was just waiting for the emergence of high-speed wireless internet and the right software agent paired with a an online ecosystem to make it all a viable reality. 

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No one would blame you if you didn’t know that these arcane devices ever existed. They were mostly aspirational, too-early attempts to pull of what Amazon is now uniquely equipped to do: provide a genuinely useful, easy-to-use internet appliance.  Read more…

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Snapchat’s constant evolution shows it won’t let itself be crushed by Facebook

Snapchat’s constant evolution shows it won’t let itself be crushed by Facebook


Limitless snaps? Looping snaps?! 

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Snapchat changed the game Tuesday with several new product features that had some diehard users cringing. Snap has shown a willingness to change often and radically, but the most recent changes show that even the most sacred cows can be slaughtered.

Limitless snaps mean you can send a snap for someone to view in your story or in a chat until an indefinite period of time — or well, until they tap away. Looping snaps let you set a snap on a loop, that, again, continues until you tap. The update also introduces emoji drawing (it sounds like what it is), and a “magic eraser” that allows you to make objects disappear from snaps. Read more…

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These Ethiopian superheroes fight for girls’ rights in badass new TV series

These Ethiopian superheroes fight for girls’ rights in badass new TV series


Africa’s biggest social issues and taboos are no match for these girls.

A revolutionary new cartoon series called Tibeb Girls features a group of three young superheroes, who unite to make rural Ethiopian communities safer for girls experiencing gender-based violence and discrimination.

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The show tackles some of the country’s most pervasive problems, including stigma around menstruation, child marriage, female genital mutilation, and access to education. 

Tibeb Girls shatters the silence around these issues in fun and engaging ways, hoping to create a better understanding of the needs and concerns of Ethiopian girls. Read more…

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Skittles really wants to gross you out with its disgusting Mother’s Day ad

Skittles really wants to gross you out with its disgusting Mother’s Day ad


A great way to celebrate Mother’s Day is spending time with your mom, reminiscing together about the great times you shared when you were still a child.

A not great way to celebrate Mother’s Day is to think about what life would be like if you were still attached to your mother via an umbilical cord. And yet that’s exactly what Skittles’ Mother’s Day ad is forcing us to do by actually showing us what it would be like.

This ad does not succeed in making us want to buy Skittles and it also doesn’t succeed in making mothers feel appreciated, so we’re not exactly sure what they were hoping to achieve with it. Unless it was grossing all of us out, which it does very well. Read more…

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Dude is so thirsty he actually believes that threesome invitation at Buckingham Place is real

Dude is so thirsty he actually believes that threesome invitation at Buckingham Place is real


A woman was so sick of receiving unsolicited dick pics from men on Snapchat that she decided to get revenge in the most British way ever — she sent a guy to Buckingham Palace under the fake promise of a threesome.

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Tara Natasha, a 26-year-old makeup artist from Cardiff, received explicit pics and a crude message from a random guy on the app, to which she started replying with pinch of wit and irony. But the guy didn’t seem to get it.

So when he asked to meet, Natasha gave him the address for Buckingham Palace. Naturally.

She also upped the ante by saying that her flatmate would join too, just to see how gullible this guy was. Read more…

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