Now that ‘Wonder Woman’ is a hit, where do female superhero movies go next?


In the dozen or so years between mid-aughts bombs Catwoman and Elektra and last weekend’s Wonder Woman, we’ve had roughly 40 major superhero movies starring men. 

Fortunately, it looks like Wonder Woman will be no mere one-off anomaly. With a little bit of luck, Diana could find herself at the forefront of a veritable wave of lady heroes. 

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Wonder Woman was under enormous pressure for all the reasons typical of its genre — its gigantic budget, the shaky state of the DCEU franchise. But it also bore an especially heavy burden.  Read more…

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Manchester Redditor shares heartwarming gift from Muslim neighbour


The terrorist attacks in Manchester and London have sparked many acts of humanity and compassion. 

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The latest involves a Manchester-based Redditor who shared a really nice a gift from their Muslim neighbours during Ramadan. 

“It’s Ramadhan. We at No 17 are opening our fast today and want to share our food!” reads the message accompanying the food. 

“Please join us today as we break our fast at sunset and say a prayer for the innocent lives lost in our country and all around the world”.

The message, which also has the “I ❤️ MCR” logo, goes on explaining what is Ramadan for a Muslim: Read more…

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This musical remix of the UK Prime Minister is hilariously brutal


It’s been just over a year since Cassetteboy — the comedy YouTuber known for remixing politicians’ words to a musical backdrop — last posted a video on his channel. 

It’s always worth the wait, though.

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This time around he’s taking aim at UK Prime Minister Theresa May, with a remix of Notorious B.I.G’s “Mo Money Mo Problems”. Here’s a snapshot of the chorus:

“I don’t know why/
People vote for me.
It’s like/
The more policies/
I talk about/
The more problems/
You see.”

Ouch. Read more…

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These popsicles are pretty, but you’re not going to want to eat one, trust us


These colourful popsicles look like artisanal dessert treats.

But those little dots aren’t chia seeds. They’re sewage.

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Hung I-chen, Guo Yi-hui and Cheng Yu-ti, students at the National Taiwan University of Arts, collected sewage runoff from 100 locations in Taiwan to make these popsicles.

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Their frozen creations were then replicated with transparent polyester resin. The replicas are accurate down to the tiniest detail — from the colour of the popsicles, to the detritus found in the samples. Read more…

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Gordon Ramsay in a car with James Corden gets very sweary, very fast


If there’s one person you don’t want to get a lift with in heavy traffic, it’s Gordon Ramsay.

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While en route to the airport to travel to London for The Late Late Show, James Corden and Reggie Watts try to cheer up Britain’s angriest chef with some car games.

Needless to say, he isn’t exactly impressed. Read more…

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US Secretary of State welcomed to New Zealand with ‘a display of middle fingers’


New Zealand is flush with fascinating birds, but perhaps Rex Tillerson didn’t expect to see this particular kind.

The visiting U.S. Secretary of State landed in the city of Wellington on Tuesday, and according to reports, there were plenty of middle fingers being flipped at the American motorcade.

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“I’ve been in motorcades for a couple of years now … I’ve never seen so many people flip the bird at an American motorcade as I saw today,” according to New York Times’ correspondent Gardiner Harris, who spoke to Stuff

US media travelling with Sec of State Rex Tillerson surprised by the number of people flipping the bird at his motorcade in Wellington.

— Tracy Watkins (@tracy_watkins) June 6, 2017 Read more…

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Banksy election stunt backfires in a big way


Banksy has withdrawn a cheeky offer of a free limited edition print for people who vote against the Conservatives in the general election. 

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The mysterious street artist said on Instagram that the Electoral Commission warned the offer “would invalidate the election result.” 

“I regret to announce this ill-conceived and legally dubious promotion has now been cancelled,” he said. 

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Banksy had posted the offer to voters in the Bristol North West, Bristol West, North Somerset, Thornbury and Yate, Kingswood, and Filton and Bradley Stoke on his website on Saturday. Read more…

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Lena Dunham endorses a British leader she says can temper Trump


Lena Dunham has just waded into the UK General Election and offered one hell of an endorsement to Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn. 

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The Girls creator Instagrammed a photo of a badge which reads: “Get on board with the absolute boy.” 

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“We here in America have watched in horror as our siblings in the U.K. have been attacked these past weeks and our president has been unable to offer so much as a word of condolence, only using this to push forward his racist and xenophobic agenda,” wrote Dunham. Read more…

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China debuts driverless train that only needs white painted lines as tracks


China’s latest mode of public transportation is a bus, tram and train rolled into one.

Its maker, Chinese rail transit firm CRRC, is calling it a “smart bus,” but it’s a lot more than that. Like a train, it’s modular and carriages can be added on; but like a bus, it runs on the road.

Amazingly, the carriage will follow a preset path and won’t need a driver — but it won’t need tracks to be laid, either. The train is equipped with sensors that’ll allow it to follow white-dotted lines on the road. 

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“It is like having a virtual rail for the bus,” said Feng Jianghua, chief engineer of CRRC. Read more…

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Apple still loves you, pro users, but that love will cost you


A solid chunk of Apple’s WWDC opening keynote on Monday felt like a love letter to professional users. You know, the designers, illustrators, music producers, and similar demanding customers who lovingly cherished their Macintosh computers when the general populace only had a vague idea of what Apple is. 

This was a long overdue, important move from Apple. People who rely on their Macs for work weren’t happy in recent years, as the company seemed to forget about its roots and focus on the mass market. Look no further than the Mac Pro, which wasn’t updated in forever, prompting Apple to apologize back in April and (possibly for the first time ever) announce in advance a thorough update to this line of products.  Read more…

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