Soon you’ll be able to visit the world of ‘My Neighbor Totoro’ for real


Fasten your seat belts Totoro fanatics — because you’ve got some good news coming your way. 

Studio Ghibli has just announced plans to build a new theme park based on Hayao Miyazaki’s beloved 1988 film, My Neighbor Totoro.

*Cue happy face emoji*

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The details on the new construction, reportedly set to be a 500-acre expansion of Nagoya’s Expo Park (which already has replicas of Satsuki and Mei’s house from the film), are scarce so far. 

However, the park will apparently fully recreate the world of Totoro and, in true Ghibli fashion, encourage guests to enjoy foliage from each of the world’s four seasons.  Read more…

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Important simulator pits 10,000 chickens against 20 T-rex


Would you rather face an army of 10,000 chickens or be chased down by 20 T-rex? Maybe this video can help you decide. Watch these creatures duke it out in the battle of the century. 

This masterpiece was created using Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator, a sandbox video game that allows players to “create massive battles with absolutely no limits.” 

What a time to be alive. Read more…

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Dad has adorable sendoff for his daughter’s last day of high school


It’s a tough day for a parent when your little kid becomes an adult. When that day came for dad Tom Sullivan, he decided to give his daughter Meg a proper sendoff.

After 13 years of peeling his daughter’s oranges in her school lunch, Tom decided enough was enough. It was time to let his daughter 18-year-old daughter fend for herself, even if that means sticky fingers. 

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Image: meg sullivan/twitter

“My dad started making my lunches for school in elementary school, and it just never stopped, Meg explained in an email. “Sometime last year my family started to make jokes about how my dad still peels my oranges at age 17 for my lunch. He ignored us and kept peeling them.” Read more…

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Nike, Google, and other companies slam Trump’s decision on climate agreement

TwitterFacebook 7c62 2ce1%2fthumb%2f00001Read more…

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‘Outlander’ Season 3 just gave us a first look at Claire and Jamie’s older selves


Okay, so it’s not new footage from Season 3, but let’s take a moment to freak out about about the Outlander video that was posted by the show’s official Twitter account to celebrate World Outlander Day. 

Clan, celebrate #WorldOutlanderDay with @SamHeughan and @caitrionambalfe as they give us three reasons to look forward to the new season!

— Outlander (@Outlander_STARZ) June 1, 2017

You’re darn right, Outlander has its own day! 

June 1 marks the 26th anniversary of the date Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander was published, and series stars Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe took the opportunity to give fans three special reasons to look forward to Season 3: Read more…

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Trump pulls out of Paris for the ‘voters of Pittsburgh’ – who voted for Clinton


On Wednesday, President Trump announced that he would be withdrawing the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement — all on behalf of the voters of Pittsburgh.

“I was elected by the voters of Pittsburgh, not Paris,” Trump said. It’s a decent piece of alliteration for a marginally literate president, I guess, but there’s one tiny little caveat the president forgot: The people of Pittsburgh didn’t vote for him.

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Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, which includes Pittsburgh, voted for Hillary by impressive margins: 55.9% of the county went to Clinton, compared to just 39.5% for Trump. Over 107,000 more Pittsburgh voters wanted Hillary and, by extension, the Paris Climate Agreement. Read more…

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Woman finds a squirrel in her house and her reaction is so not chill


Imagine enjoying the peace and quiet of your lovely home with your partner and adorable doggo when suddenly, your entire world is shaken. Someone, or something, breaks into your house and starts wreaking havoc on your precious household. Well, that’s exactly what happened to this unsuspecting couple.

Turns out, the trespasser was actually just a harmless squirrel, but listen to this woman’s blood-curdling screams and you might think otherwise. Read more…

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Unfinished paint job really highlights the ‘sex’ in Sussex


The village of Sussex, Wisconsin, has quite the new tourist attraction after workers were unable to finish their water tower’s paint job. 

Workers who were updating the city’s name on the structure were forced to abandon the project midway through due to a venting issue. The remaining three letters “s-e-x” have yet to be painted over, and, of course, it’s bringing out the 13-year-old boy in all of us. 

This isn’t the first time this has happened. Twenty years ago the water tower displayed the same message, and there’s no guarantee it won’t happen again when they get to work on the other side of the tower.  Read more…

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Pete Souza on Trump: ‘We failed our children’


Pete Souza captured the most memorable moments of Barack Obama’s presidency and now he’s watching Trump erase them.

On Thursday afternoon after President Trump announced the U.S. officially be pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement, Obama’s former White House photographer shared his reaction in the form of – what else – an Instagram post.

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Souza shared a photograph of Obama’s Paris Agreement acceptance letter, which he signed on behalf of the United States of America in 2016.

A year later, after the world watched Donald Trump reject the agreement that could work towards preventing the potentially disastrous effects of global warming, Souza simply said, “we failed.” Read more…

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Serena Williams swears Venus didn’t reveal the gender of her baby with Alexis Ohanion


Tennis legend Serena Williams and Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian do not know the gender of their baby, thank you very much. 

But if you read very, very deeply into comments recently made by Serena’s sister Venus, you’d think otherwise.

Hmmmmm. Lets examine the evidence. 

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In a recent TV interview with Eurosport, Venus discussed her sister’s future kid, then said this: “She’s going to call me Favorite Aunt.”

Wait a minute. “She”?!?! That would appear to be some news. 

But Serena swears Venus didn’t spill the beans about the power couple’s child-to-be. In fact, Serena says she doesn’t know the baby’s gender, according to a missive she posted to Twitter on Thursday.  Read more…

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