‘Super Smash Bros’ modder gives Kirby disgusting human feet


This is just wrong.

Inspired by the terrifying Kirby fanart created by Marie Blue that made the rounds on the internet the past few months, a modder who goes by LuckyJero has given Kirby human feet in Super Smash Bros. 4 for the Wii U.

The original concept created by Blue suggests that what we think of as Kirby’s magenta, ovular feet are actually just shoes covering the floaty pink ball’s disturbingly realistic feet.

Et si en fait c’était ses pantoufles, à #Kirby..pic.twitter.com/CLz24x8n7i

— Marie Blue (@MarieBlue05) March 17, 2017

LuckyJero said his Smash 4 mod, Barefoot Waifu Kirby, was created as a joke and won’t be improved at all despite some small visual flaws. Along with the Kirby shown in the above video, the mod includes a version of the human-footed Kirby with hair. Read more…

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The ‘SpongeBob SquarePants’ musical is coming to Broadway and just wait ’til you hear who is involved


The long-in-the-works SpongeBob SquarePants musical — which, somehow, had a well-reviewed out-of-town tryout last summer in Chicago — is officially coming to Broadway in November, producers announced Monday. 

And yes, it’s easy to roll your eyes at the idea that someone is making a SpongeBob SquarePants musical: Aren’t there any original ideas anymore? Aren’t we all done with that lovable cartoon? (Obviously not.)

But stick with us here before you scoff. 

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The show, which details a new adventure in Bikini Bottom for SpongeBob and Co., features original songs from (deep breath) Steven Tyler and Joe Perry, Sara Bareilles, John Legend, The Flaming Lips Cyndi Lauper, Panic! At the Disco and even David Bowie. Yes, David Bowie.  Read more…

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First look: Cristiano Ronaldo is the cover star for ‘FIFA 18’


Cristiano Ronaldo boasts perhaps the most impressive résumé in soccer, but this is a first for the Real Madrid star and Portuguese international. 

He’s the cover star for FIFA 18, the latest version of one of the world’s most beloved sports games. 

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Here’s a first look at the cover featuring Ronaldo. 

Image: ea sports

EA Sports used its motion capture technology to record Ronaldo’s skill with the ball, as well as his running style and other physical characteristics. This will be used to make Ronaldo’s likeness in the game hyper-realistic and be applied to the game overall.  Read more…

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iOS 11 could finally give us the drag and drop function we’ve always wanted


If a recent leak is to be believed, Apple’s upcoming iOS 11 could finally bring a long-awaited feature to the iPhone that’ll make working on mobile even easier.

Typically, working on iOS means you’re stuck cycling between various apps. Sure, if you’re using an iPad, the Split View feature gives you the opportunity to work with two apps open in tandem … but the process of migrating any of the info you’re working with from one app to the other, most likely by copy and pasting from one app to another, is awkward at best. 

Those days of frustratingly clunky multitasking could be over with the next version of Apple’s iOS. Developer Steve Troughton-Smith spotted a potential fix in an iOS 10 beta: a new drag and drop functionality, which would presumably streamline the process of transferring data between apps.   Read more…

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IBM’s 5-nanometer chips show Moore’s Law has plenty of life left


Have you ever wondered how gadgets keep getting thinner, but more powerful all the time??

The simple answer is processor shrinkage thanks to Moore’s Law, which doubles the number of transistors on an integrated circuit roughly every two years.

Though Moore’s Law has slowed down in recent years and some experts even think it’s dead, chip designers continue to work their magic. 

IBM, in collaboration with Samsung and GlobalFoundries, announced on Monday it’s developed the world’s first 5 nanometer (nm) silicon chip with 30 billion transistors. 

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Uber is refunding passengers who used the service after the London terror attack


Uber is sending a message to its passengers—use the app in times of emergency, regardless of the surge you see. 

The ride-hailing giant refunded the rides of all customers who used the service during the London terror attack on Saturday within the affected areas. That included tens of thousands of passengers, according to a statement from Uber. 

The company also said it eliminated surge pricing after finding out about the incident.

“As soon as we heard about the incident we immediately suspended dynamic pricing all around the area of the attacks—and shortly afterwards across the whole of central London—just as we did following the attacks in Manchester and Westminster,” reads the statement, attributed to Tom Elvidge, general manager of Uber in London.  Read more…

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Leaked listing of Apple Files app could mean file management is (finally) coming to your iPhone


We’re just hours away from Apple’s 2017 Worldwide Developer’s Conference, and we’re already starting to get more information about what we’ll see, including what may be a new file management app for iOS 11.

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The eagle-eyed Steve Troughton-Smith spotted the listing in the wee hours of Monday morning on Apple’s App Store. 

It’s now deleted but the screenshot he captured reveals mostly a place-holder page with little information about the app, except that it was filed under Apple’s “Utilities” category and would require iOS 11. 

Ahead of iOS 11, a ‘Files’ app placeholder entry from Apple appears on the App Store. Requires iOS 11.0 or later 😘 pic.twitter.com/8HAQflHBuI

— Steve T-S (@stroughtonsmith) June 5, 2017 Read more…

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Yeah, the Tinder pick up line from Master of None? It probably won’t work for you.


Be honest: you’ve thought about stealing that genius Whole Foods line from Master of None, right?

You’re not alone. The world first witnessed Aziz Ansari’s character Dev deploy his go-to dating app opener, “Going to Whole Foods, want me to pick up anything?,” in the “First Date” episode. It’s pure genius, a perfect combination of being disarming and just goofy enough to work. 

It was an actual line a friend of the show’s creators used to get a massive response. So it’s no surprise that a lot of people are now giving it a shot IRL… and bummer alert: they’re having a lot less success than Dev or its real life creator. Read more…

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