Yeah, the Tinder pick up line from Master of None? It probably won’t work for you.


Be honest: you’ve thought about stealing that genius Whole Foods line from Master of None, right?

You’re not alone. The world first witnessed Aziz Ansari’s character Dev deploy his go-to dating app opener, “Going to Whole Foods, want me to pick up anything?,” in the “First Date” episode. It’s pure genius, a perfect combination of being disarming and just goofy enough to work. 

It was an actual line a friend of the show’s creators used to get a massive response. So it’s no surprise that a lot of people are now giving it a shot IRL… and bummer alert: they’re having a lot less success than Dev or its real life creator. Read more…

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Women-only ‘Wonder Woman’ screenings were almost stupidly nice


It might have looked different in other parts of the country, but at New York’s Alamo Drafthouse in Brooklyn, the first “Wonder Woman with Wonder Woman” screening had not a naysayer in sight.

When Drafthouse first announced the nationwide screenings for anyone who identifies as a woman, a reliable subsection of the internet was up in arms.

“Their panties were very twisted,” lifelong Wonder Woman fan Anna Davenport told Mashable at the New York screening. She couldn’t suppress a smile.

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Davenport was born in 1971 and grew up with Wonder Woman and the Bionic Woman — the only female superheroes who were beacons nonetheless. Read more…

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A new project from Magnum photographers explores what it means to get closer


U.S. troops assault Omaha Beach during the D-Day landings (first assault). Normandy, France. June 6, 1944.

Robert Capa: “If your pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough.”

Image: Robert Capa/International Center of Photography/Magnum

War photographer Robert Capa famously said “If your pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough.” Those words would influence generations of photographers, including the members of Magnum Photos, the cooperative agency that Capa cofounded

70 years later, the prestigious agency’s photographers are reexamining their own work and reflecting on what it means to “get closer.” Read more…

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8 meaningful ways you can make an impact this LGBTQ Pride Month


Sure, LGBTQ Pride Month is partly about rainbows, glitter, and house music. But make no mistake, it’s also a time for impact. 

Especially in the Trump era, uplifting the LGBTQ community needs to be a priority this Pride Month. President Donald Trump, for instance, hasn’t even officially declared June as LGBTQ Pride Month, which many advocates say is a reflection of how his administration views LGBTQ people.  

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That’s why support for the community is so essential — this June and beyond.  

Between the drinking, dancing, and drag queens, it’s vital to take time to support the needs of LGBTQ people. Whether you’re straight or LGBTQ-identified, there are countless ways you can make a change this Pride Month.  Read more…

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Apple’s next move: Siri needs to move out


Siri is lousy at its job.

That’s the conventional wisdom surrounding Apple’s digital assistant, which has counted the iPhone as a primary residence since its 2011 debut on the iPhone 4S (really second debut, if you count Siri’s previous life as a third-party app).

Siri has trouble hearing you, gets a lot of things wrong, and is really only good at telling you the weather. Just ask any iPhone user — whether it’s your stepmom, your roommate, or your Lyft driver, the feature they like to complain about most is almost invariably Siri.

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Huge Apple leak could just as well be someone’s vivid imagination


Apple, as a rule, never says what its upcoming products will look like, be like, or even what they’re called. But months and even years before a new Apple product is scheduled (or expected to) arrive, numerous rumors shape these objects into a vague but somewhat coherent picture. This is how we “know” that the next iPhone will come in three versions, one of which will (likely) have a near bezel-less screen with an under-the-glass fingerprint sensor and a glass back.

These rumors mostly originate from the elusive “sources in Apple’s supply chain,” which usually means either workers at Foxconn, the Chinese company that builds the iPhone for Apple, or various secondary sources such as workers at companies that make iPhone cases and thus have limited prior knowledge of what the upcoming devices will look like.  Read more…

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Stop putting ‘Stories’ in every friggin’ app


This needs to stop. Please make it stop.

I’m not just talking about Trump making idiotic moves like pulling the U.S. out of the Paris Agreement. (There seems to be no stopping Mr. Tiny Hands from flipping the bird to everything that we hold dear.)

No, I’m talking about apps shamefully ripping off Snapchat Stories.

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As I’ve said many times before, this is all Facebook’s fault.

When Instagram (a Facebook-owned company) cloned the crap out of Snapchat Stories a year ago, we all shook our heads, pointed our fingers, and laughed at how scared it must have been to copy one of Snapchat’s core features. Read more…

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5 reasons Ariana Grande would make an excellent prime minister


With just days to go until the UK General Election, many are calling for Ariana Grande to become the next British prime minister. 

She took to the stage on Sunday night at the One Love Manchester concert, stealing the nation’s hearts on once of the country’s darkest days. 

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Social media users have been urging the electorate to vote for Grande on Thursday. And although Grande’s name might not be on the ballot, here’s why she’d make a damn fine prime minister:

She managed to unite the United Kingdom

The UK has arguably been feeling more divided than united lately — in no small part because of Brexit and the not-so-joyous snap General Election. But on Sunday night, Ariana Grande did something that many politicians have tried and failed to do: she brought the nation together. The benefit concert was organised in the space of week, drawing some of the biggest stars in the business.  Read more…

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Angry John Oliver slams U.S. media for ‘insulting’ coverage of London attack


As a British person living in America, John Oliver had a few things to say after the terror attack in London on Saturday night.

During Sunday’s Last Week Tonight, the comedian took aim at reports on CNN, Fox News, and The New York Times saying that Britain was “reeling” after the attack. 

“OK, here’s the thing: For the record, in no way is Britain ‘under siege,’” he said. 

“Is it upset? Yes. Is it pissed off? Oh, you fucking bet it’s pissed off. But to say it’s ‘under siege’ and that its people are ‘reeling’ is to imply that it’s somehow weak enough to be brought to its knees by three monumental assholes. And that, as an idea, is insulting.” Read more…

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Right wing commentator’s ‘stupid’ tweet gets very British response


There will always be people who try to use terrorist attacks and tragedies to advance their own agenda. 

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That’s the case for right-wing commentator Jack Posobiec (formerly of Rebel TV) who attempted to explain why terrorist attacks never happen at NASCAR races. TL;DR: because they’re all armed:

There’s never been a terrorist attack at a Nascar race. Nascar fans are all armed. Draw your own conclusions

— Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸 (@JackPosobiec) June 4, 2017

Brits on Twitter took a decidedly British response with jokes about cricket matches, drinking tea and comic book conventions: Read more…

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