Apple wants more people buying things via iMessage


Back off, Facebook Messenger. 

Apple is now looking to support business owners in their quest to best serve their customers with a new feature called Business Chat. 

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Released during Apple Worldwide Developers Conference — but left out of the keynote — is a chat function that is able to integrate with Apple’s Messages software. The new feature was added to Apple’s developer website; we discovered it thanks to Owen Williams. 

Whoa, Apple’s taking on Facebook Messenger (?)

— Owen Williams ⚡️ (@ow) June 5, 2017 Read more…

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College students help to expand renewable energy efforts in their community


One professor and a group of students at the University of Toledo in Ohio are doing their part to make their community more environmentally friendly while also lending a hand to their neighbors. 

They are part of a group that has been selected to participate in the Solar in Your Community Challenge, which aims to bring renewable energy to low and moderate income households. 

The group, called Glass City Community Solar, has the potential to receive up to $60,000 in seed funds by the U.S. Department of Energy SunShot Initiative to contribute to this effort. They’ll be competing along with 34 other teams to win a $1 million prize that’ll be awarded based on the innovation, impact, and replicability of their work. Read more…

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Amid White House silence, Trump tweets are all we have — that’s a huge problem


They’re just tweets. They aren’t meant to be taken seriously. It’s just a show. 

That’s the general reasoning for why President Donald Trump’s most common public statements shouldn’t be seized upon by the media, politicians, or just about anybody aside from his loyal bot army. 

It’s perfectly fine reasoning. Trump’s Twitter feed has remained a stream-of-conscious barrage of nonsense for years. That only increased during his presidential campaign. The tweets made news (most people agreed), but should be viewed with a sense of detachment. These weren’t his actual sentiments, just something to rile up the troops.  Read more…

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Somewhere out there is a lost hip-hop track LeBron James and Kevin Durant recorded in 2011


LeBron James and Kevin Durant are NBA Finals rivals right now — but six years ago, they apparently took advantage of a labor dispute to team up in the recording studio. 

Wait, what? Yes, you read that correctly. Somewhere out in the great yonder, there is a secret rap hip-hop track recorded by arguably the two greatest basketball players on Earth. 

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The story as reported Monday by Chris Haynes of boils down to this: During the NBA lockout in 2011, Durant joined James in Akron, Ohio, to work out together as both stars looked to keep their skills sharp and stay in shape. As a lark during some downtime between workout sessions, they recorded a hip-hop track together.  Read more…

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Apple will soon block autoplay videos and data tracking in Safari


Online advertisers beware—Apple is coming for you.

The company announced on Monday that a new update to its Safari web browser will block autoplay videos.

The update will also feature a new security feature that stops ad tracking technology from watching where users go on the web.

The announcement comes the week after Google confirmed that it would add its own in-browser filter to Chrome that would shut out ads deemed intrusive or annoying.

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Apple, which has less to lose by hammering advertising companies, takes this mandate one step further. Read more…

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Apple announces a Siri-packed iOS 11


The wait for iOS 11 is finally over.

Apple just introduced the next version of iOS during the opening keynote at WWDC in San Jose. The update, which won’t be available until later this year, brings a much more powerful Siri, updated Messages app, and revamped Apple Pay with person-to-person payments.

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Building on last year’s Siri update, which added support for third-party apps, Apple’s digital assistant will work with a much wider selection of apps starting with iOS 11.

Apple showed off an updated Messages app that stores all of your messages in the cloud so that it eats up less storage on your own device. All messages remain end-to-end encrypted. Read more…

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Surprise! Apple unveils the iMac Pro, the ‘most powerful Mac ever’


Apple is focusing on pro users again.

The company announced a completely new iMac: the iMac Pro, which the company says is the most powerful Mac yet. 

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Along with the new iMacs, Apple wanted to build something for Pro users who might need more. The iMac Pro combines the form factor of the iMac with the workstation class performance of the Mac Pro. The iMac pro is in a beautiful space gray finish and boasts impressively powerful statistics. Notably, a mention of the Mac Pro was missing. 

Image: apple

The iMac pro will ship with 8-core, 10-core and 18-core Xeon processors, 4 thunderbolt 3 ports with 10GB Ethernet built in. The Pro will support up to 44 million pixels. The device starts at $4,999 and will be available in December. Read more…

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Google’s new doodle goes green on World Environment Day


World Environment Day is here, and Google is showing support the best way it knows how: through a colorful, green doodle.

Google is going green for World Environment Day.

Google is going green for World Environment Day.

Image: google

In the doodle, Google’s logo grows green and sprouts leaves as a way to highlight World Environment Day, an annual celebration hosted by the United Nations. The day, celebrated on June 5 every year, is designed to promote awareness and action for environmental protection, according to the UN’s website. Each year, a theme is chosen based on pressing environmental issues. A host country is also chosen for official celebrations.  Read more…

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The updated MacBook has more power, but still just one USB-C port


Apple hasn’t forgotten its littlest MacBook after all.

Along with announcing macOS High Sierra at WWDC 2017, the tech giant finally updated its 12-inch MacBook.

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The refreshed MacBook looks identical to the old model, last updated a year ago. It’s still Apple’s thinnest and lightest laptop, measuring 0.52 inches at its thickest point and tapering down to 0.14 inches, and it only weighs two pounds.

The screen’s the same bright and vivid 12-inch Retina display with 2,304 x 1,440 resolution.

Under the hood, the new MacBook’s a whole new beast. There’s faster 7th-gen Intel “Kaby Lake” processor. Read more…

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Apple updates MacBook Pros with 7th-gen Intel Kaby Lake processors


Apple’s controversial MacBook Pros launched to much criticism last fall. 

Fans complained about poor battery life (before the issue was fixed), the annoying new #donglelife, the flatter keyboard, outdated specs (compared to Windows 10 laptops), and the Touch Bar.

At WWDC 2017, Apple announced updated 13- and 15-inch MacBook Pros with 7th-gen Intel Core processors. 

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They boast up to 50 percent faster storage.

Aside from the much-needed performance bump, everything else about the MacBook Pros is the same. The refreshed aluminum design, flatter keyboard, massive trackpad, and Retina displays are identical the predecessors. Read more…

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