OnePlus 5 confirmed to be a performance beast


Hey, OnePlus fans: You can rest easy knowing the OnePlus 5, slated for launch sometime this summer, will be just as powerful as the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Chipmaker Qualcomm has confirmed the much-rumored and highly anticipated phone will come with its latest Snapdragon 835 chipset.

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“When we began developing the OnePlus 5, we envisioned a smartphone with flawlessly smooth performance,” OnePlus CEO Pete Lau wrote in a forum post.

Lau says the company chose the Snapdragon 835 for its “smooth, powerful, and efficient performance” but also went through great lengths to optimize its OyxgenOS software (its own lightweight customizations that sit on top of stock Android) to make sure everything feels smooth — a very Apple-like attention to detail. Read more…

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