Musk says latest Tesla crash isn’t ‘front page news,’ but it is because of Autopilot


A woman rear-ended a fire truck in Utah last week and broke her ankle in the crash. That in and of itself doesn’t seem like the typical story that would trigger national coverage, but because a Tesla electric car with semi-autonomous features was involved, everyone’s talking about it. 

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This week, Tesla CEO Elon Musk doubled (tripled? quadrupled?) down on the safety of Tesla’s Autopilot feature — a semi-automated driver assistance mode Tesla introduced to its cars in 2014 and now comes with every vehicle. The stat Musk and the company repeated (and will continue to repeat) about Autopilot reducing crash rates by 40 percent came under some scrutiny earlier this monthWired found that the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration-backed stat is likely based on flawed, unreliable data. Read more…

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