Man recreates his 10-year-old ‘High School Musical 2’ music video with perfect angst


It wouldn’t be a High School Musical movie without an angsty solo from Zac Efron’s Troy Bolton. It just wouldn’t be right.

And birthed from these solos came recreations from teenage boys channeling the same anguish and despair Troy expressed while singing “Bet On It” in High School Musical 2 after being banned from the country club talent show. 

Youtube user Blake Richter was one of those young boys inspired by Troy’s pain who focused that energy into an incredible music video filled with teen rage. If we weren’t blessed enough with that video, Richter has now recreated his solo music video 10 years later to absolute perfection. His moves, the setting, and even his shirt are completely replicated elements of the original video — except for the tree swing he apparently sat on and broke in 2009.  Read more…

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