‘Love, Victor’ Season 3 trailer is a bittersweet high school goodbye

A boy in a denim jacket standing on a lit-up ferris wheel at night.

Love, Victor may end with its third season, but there’s still time for a last high school hurrah for Victor, Felix, Pilar, Lake, Benji, Rahim, Mia, and Andrew.

The trailer for Season 3 picks up with an answer for last season’s finale cliffhanger, with Victor choosing to date his first crush Benji over his Season 2 love interest Rahim. His choice, however, is only the beginning of his journey’s end. As Victor grapples with Benji’s personal issues and his continued interest in Rahim, Pilar and Felix’s relationship bumps up against Lake’s newly discovered bisexuality as well as her new girlfriend.

Love, Victor has always been a master class in mining truth from expertly applied YA tropes, and this trailer is packed with them — along with the promise that this series will stick its landing with a bittersweet high school goodbye.

Love, Victor Season 3 premieres on Hulu and Disney+ on June 15.

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