Looking for a tech detox? Try these 9 Vegas destinations


Las Vegas may not be the first place that pops into your head when the idea of a tech detox comes up.    

You’re practically expected to walk around the strip with your phone out to accurately document the level of excitement that envelopes this city on a 24/7 basis. Still, there are people out there who want to “live in the now” and experience Las Vegas unfiltered, making this list of nine places and experiences a necessity for those needing to disconnect while on vacation.    

1. The Neon Museum 

When it comes to stepping away from technology, there’s no metaphor more fitting than visiting a museum that has a section dubbed “the neon boneyard.” This museum collects the out of commission neon signs from the iconic Vegas Strip and puts them on display for people to catch a glimpse inside Vegas’s past. You get to see defunct signs from the 1930s and go to a place that celebrates what happens when all the lights go out — it’s a metaphor, get it?   Read more…

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