Large Adult Sons are taking over Twitter with the ‘This is MY son’ meme


Watch out, Large Adult Sons are all over Twitter.

In a now-deleted tweet, someone who goes by @MarlaReynoldsc3 posted a photo of a grinning man in uniform and wrote: 

Yikes, right?

Look at this Large Adult Son.

Look at this Large Adult Son.

Image: screenshot/@Marlareynoldsc3

People responded in the most mature way possible. Not by explaining that the #MeToo movement isn’t the result of “radical feminists with an axe to grind,” but of centuries of systemic misogyny and rape culture. 

And not by explaining that her son shouldn’t be worried about being accused of sexual assault if he simply, you know, doesn’t assault anyone. She also didn’t seem particularly interested in learning that the #MeToo movement isn’t exclusively for women, since men have also stepped forward with their stories.  Read more…

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