Justin Trudeau finally meets the prime minister of Canada


The Canadian Prime Minister came face to face with two-month-old Justin Trudeau at the Calgary Stampede on Saturday. 

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The boy, whose full name is Justin-Trudeau Adam Bilan, was born in May in Calgary—just a few months after his family fled Syria and were welcomed to Canada. 

.@JustinTrudeau met Justin-Trudeau Adam Bilal in #Calgary today. Background: https://t.co/u91OQexycZ #cdnpoli pic.twitter.com/qA2kvBXeXn

— Adam Scotti 🇨🇦📷 (@AdamScotti) July 15, 2017

The boy’s parents, Muhammad and Afraa Bilan, chose the name as a gesture of thanks to the country that offered them sanctuary. Read more…

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