Jacinda Ardern’s toddler adorably interrupted her Facebook Live

It seems not even Kiwi politicians are immune from the domestic misadventures of working from home. New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern’s Facebook Live was adorably interrupted by her three-year-old daughter on Monday night, with little Neve apparently considering bedtime as more of a suggestion than a rule.

“You’re meant in bed, darling,” said Ardern, looking off screen ostensibly toward her toddler. “It’s bedtime, darling. Pop back to bed — I’ll come and see you in a second!”

Neve was presumably ushered away by Arden’s mother. However she wasn’t deterred, popping up again later and prompting Arden to eventually end the Live.

Arden was holding the after-hours livestream to provide New Zealanders with information on the country’s COVID-19 response. Fortunately the prime minister still managed to get through everything she wanted to, despite the unexpected yet adorable interruptions.

“Does anyone else have kids escape like, three, four times after bedtime?” smiled Ardern. “Thankfully my mum’s here so she can help out there.”

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