Internet TV could be about to get a lot cheaper—and scarier for cable companies


Internet TV poses an important question: Would you give up a name-brand channel for a version you’ve never heard of to save money?  

For instance, would you take startup Cheddar over CNBC? Newsy instead of CNN? TheBlaze instead of Fox news?

Maybe not, but what if it meant a $10 bundle?

“We can debate whether Cheddar, which is basically 18 months old, is what percent as good as CNBC. Is it 3 percent? Forty percent? We can have that debate,” said Cheddar CEO Jon Steinberg. “But at the end of the day, it’s free to the distributor.”

Cheddar is one of a new group of media upstarts that have channels right alongside major cable companies on so-called “skinny bundles” of TV offered over the internet, such as Sling TV, which offers a base package of 29 channels for $20. The average cable plan hovers around $100. Read more…

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