How to choose a wedding website provider without losing your mind


My mother texted me, appalled. 

“Did you know this magazine recommends that your wedding should have branding?”

Unfortunately, I did. I’m in the early stages of planning my own wedding, and have been to a fair amount of friends’ nuptials. So at this point, on invitations and wedding signage galore, I’ve seen enough intertwined initials surrounded by curlicues or signals of the couple’s interests (suns, bikes, mountains, everyone is outdoorsy???), to know that creating a ~visual identity~ for one’s wedding is par for the course — maybe even a requirement — these days. 

One of the ways that design takes center stage in contemporary weddings is through the wedding website. When people are on the cusp of matrimony, they create a site with all the relevant (and not so relevant) information about their upcoming event, and often, themselves as a couple. The color scheme, fonts, and general look and feel of the site often carries over to the paper invitations and actual wedding. Read more…

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