How ‘Game of Thrones’ ends according to diplomacy, warfare and economics experts


Fellow watchers on the Wall, Season 7 is upon us. 

Last year’s finale put all the major chess pieces on the board. Now, for the first time ever, we all enter the next chapter blind as a three-eyed raven — a truly blank slate to start off Season 7, whether you’ve read the books or not.

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But Game of Thrones is complex beyond our emotionally driven fan theories, and while its roots are in human pursuits as old as time, its themes are more relevant than ever. Blame its creator for that.

“George R.R. Martin has thought so deeply about the forces that influence human behavior,” said Stephen Dyson, professor of foreign policy and international relations at UConn, “that he has as much to say about real world politics as many of my academic colleagues.” Read more…

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