Goats are the G.O.A.T.s of Instagram


Theodore is a goat — and a hero. But if you’re one of his 6,816 followers on the Riley Farm Rescue Instagram account, you already knew that.

He recently helped save another goat, Clarabelle, when she got stuck on the wrong side of a fence by running up to the owner’s house screaming for help.

His feat was praised by his followers online. “Such a great goat,” one commented. “This doesn’t surprise me at all,” another remarked. “Humans are the slow ones in the fields of kindness, intelligence, compassion and intuition.”

Theodore is a bone fide internet star, and he’s not alone. His account, along with the likes of Puget Sound Goat Rescue and Goats Gone Grazing Acres, is just one of many featuring goats and their escapades that have captured hearts worldwide. Read more…

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