Funny video of a forlorn tampon contemplating its fate actually raises a pretty serious issue


Flushing away tampons is something many of us do without even thinking twice. But, this funny video about a tampon lamenting its fate raises an important point about the environmental impact of flushing tampons. 

The video — an advert for FabLittleBags, biodegradable bags for the disposal of tampons and pads — features a woman dressed up as a tampon. 

“You flush me away like I am nothing, you forget me, yet still I exist. I end up here floating in a sea of misery,” says the forlorn tampon. And, while it’s pretty fun to see a human dressed up as a tampon, these words ring very true. 

Around 1.5 billion to 2 billion sanitary products are flushed down Britain’s loos each year. These sanitary products can end up blocking sewerage systems, and, if not properly filtered out by waste treatment plants, tampons can make their way into rivers and coastal waters.  Read more…

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