Finally, you can buy this giant Frankenstein of a sex toy


Great news, horndogs. The world’s most gratuitous and hefty masturbation device is now a reality. 

Meet the 3fap, a handy sex toy that allow you to experience the ecstasy of three different holes all at once. Actually…when you say it like that it sounds kind of nasty, but surely there are people out there for whom a simultaneous mouth/vagina/anus session is such a must have that they’re willing to bring a giant contraption into their lives.

This monstrous creation was first revealed to the world back in 2015, when its creator Brian Sloan — who’s the man behind the blowjob robot known as AutoBlow2 — started an Indiegogo campaign. The initial response was a mix of horror and awe, but it did raise $50,000. And now that it’s officially hit the market, men everywhere can live the dream.  Read more…

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