Fancy jam hive assemble: The viral Bonne Maman Advent calendar is back for 2022

the Bonne Maman 2022 Limited Edition Advent Calendar propped up on a table amid holiday decorations

Wake up babe, new jam Advent calendar just dropped.

The French preserves and spreads manufacturer Bonne Maman officially released its 2022 Limited-Edition Advent Calendar this week — and not a moment too soon, for those of us already counting down the days to Christmas (less than 150) or just looking for a quaint distraction from reality in the form of tiny Mason jars filled with marmalade and jelly samples.

This year’s 24-jar collection features a whimsical new holiday carousel theme with 23 fruit spreads and one honey. Those lucky enough to order one before it inevitably sells out (it always does) can look forward to several exclusive flavors, including Chestnut & Orange with Spices, Pear with Cocoa Nibs, Strawberry with Star Anise, and Apple with Caramel & Cinnamon. How delectable — scrumptious, even!


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This festive treat is already out of stock at Amazon but remained available at when we last checked Tuesday evening (and where it briefly crashed the site a day prior). You’ll pay $39.99 plus $9.95 for standard shipping (limit two per person). Past years indicate that it may pop up at Costco sometime before winter, too, but don’t count on it just in case. Estimated standard delivery dates were in the “2 to 5 business days” range at the time of publication.

The Bonne Maman calendar has sold out every year for the past five years, but it reached a new level of popularity last year on TikTok amid a broader trend of opening and reviewing Advent calendars, which have numbered doors containing surprise pictures or trinkets.

With roots in 19th century Germany, traditional Advent calendars were marketed toward kids as a fun way to mark the days leading up to Christmas. (Hello, fellow former Catholic school comrades.) But they’ve become a mainstream, more adult-ified phenomenon in recent years as big-name brands have embraced them as a means to get shoppers to try new products. Think fashion hauls, but for three weeks’ worth of Trader Joe’s beauty products, Pink Starburst-themed knickknacks, and shitty Chanel merch.

TikTok doesn’t seem to have caught on to the availability of the 2022 Bonne Maman calendar just yet — at least, nothing came up in a quick search for “bonne maman advent 2022” — so grab yours while you still can.

the Bonne Maman 2022 Limited Edition Advent Calendar

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Bonne Maman 2022 Limited Edition Advent Calendar
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